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Back to basics: continuous Vs. Discrete variables and their importance in Data Visualization.

Take a look at the following chart, do you see any issues with it?

Notice that the month values are shown as “distinct” values instead of shown as a “continuous” values and it misleads the person looking at the chart.  179 more words

Data Analysis

Connecting Tableau to SQL Server - Impersonation options

When publishing a Data Source to Tableau Server, you can choose to impersonate another user. Impersonation helps to apply the security context that is specific to the user being impersonated; in case of Tableau, it will be the user logging into Tableau; thus allowing the tableau user to only see the data that he/she is allowed to see.

Row Level Security

Connecting Tableau to SQL Server

A Tableau Data Connection to a SQL Server relational database can be made by using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. After creating the Data Connection, the Data Source can be published to Tableau Server. 506 more words

Row Level Security

Eliminate your duplicate data row problems with simple SQL

We’ve all faced this problem: Duplicate rows in our data. It messes up our reports and causes general confusion and consternation for people we supply data to. 867 more words


Office Humor: Or, If a Tree Dies, Does Its Heart Become Pulp?

Today, I am helping run a board meeting at work and thought, who’d want to attend a bored meeting? Not me! Although, a literal board meeting might be surreal and highly entertaining. 611 more words

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