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The Case of the Cursed Computer

I didn’t know when she showed up on my doorstep how much trouble she would be. Small framed, Asus Slate kept her true capabilities under wraps. 636 more words

Canada Post

Magazines: Paper vs Digital - Fight!

Phil:  On a whim last week, I bought the electronic copy of the magazine I write for. The paper copy would eventually appear in the post but the digital version comes out a few days before this and I was curious to know how some of the articles I’d written appeared on the page. 642 more words


The Art of Living Guide to Buying a Laptop or Notebook

he Art of Living Guide to Buying a Laptop or Notebook

By Benjamin Roussey

Reclaim your life and live it the way you have always wanted to! 599 more words


An all nighter.

I pulled my first reading all nighter in years. And what was I reading, 50 Shades of Grey !. Well lets face it, it isn’t anything that requires close analysis ?. 413 more words


Keyboard and mouse

When I placed an order of a Windows tablet last week, I also ordered a keyboard for the tablet. As my son said, it might be a ridiculous selection because a light weight PC would be a better choice than a tablet, if I use a separate keyboard. 194 more words


Samsung again disses iPad in Galaxy Pro ad, takes shots at Surface and Kindle too [Video]

Just as it did last month, Samsung again takes shots at the iPad in a new ad for its Galaxy Pro series tablets. The ad opens with a video call in which the boss calls for a revised presentation deck to be emailed, and the Samsung user is able to send it during the call … 

AAPL Company

It Turns Out People Don't Really Surf The Web On Their Smartphones

Since Apple kicked off the modern smartphone app era in 2008 with the App Store, there’s been a debate over what will win in mobile: apps or mobile sites? 48 more words