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Thursday, 20th November 2014

Tabloid, adj.

Pronunciation: /tablɔɪd/
Etymology: < tabl- (in tablet n.) + -oid suffix.

1. Compressed; concentrated, esp. in order to be easily assimilated; sensationalistic, populist, or reductive; of or resembling tabloid journalism. 18 more words


The Prepper's Tablet Computer

When you imagine the archetypal Walking Dead or Hurricane Katrina type disaster scenario, creatures of comfort like us may find the thought of our electronic gadgets being rendered useless utterly terrifying (or liberating). 787 more words


An update to I haz a new toy, Part 371…

In the original I complained that my new Asus MeMO Pad 8 had only a microUSB port, with the limitations these things normally have. I wasn’t entirely correct. 231 more words

IDC has finalized the preliminary PC shipment numbers released last month, confirming that the Mac hit its highest ever share of the U.S. market at 13%. 142 more words

AAPL Company

I haz a new toy, Part 371…

I came to computers late in life, well into my 40s before I dipped my toe in the geekish waters.

Part of the reason is that, while I was still able to work, my company was busy computerising itself. 1,676 more words

He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins

These days we’re all slaves to technology. All of us. I mean, how many of us don’t own a smartphone or some kind of MP3 player? 448 more words