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Slaying the Dragon: Learning to Teach through Tabletop RPGs

NOTE: This essay comes from an assignment I wrote for my Pedagogy class in Fall 2013. I’ve been pondering my teaching philosophy a lot lately, so I thought I’d bring it back, clean it up, and share it with those of you who may be curious about how I got into teaching writing. 2,088 more words

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I'm on the front page of EN World right N.O.W.!

I couldn’t possibly be asked to resist that urge. Expect more to read by the beginning of next month!

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Back in the Saddle!

After a delightful, wonderful weekend in the idyllic rural city of Warren—with bubbly, a fantastic blue cake, and more than one Ralph Bakshi film—I feel fantastic and am enthused to get back to work! 95 more words

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Wraith: The Oblivion

I have not been looking forward to this.

Don’t misunderstand me: Wraith is a good game.  Hell, it may be one of the most finely crafted games in the entirety of the Classic… 1,925 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Crowdfunding platforms: why I use KickStarter and why you should too


One of the biggest and, to my mind, best changes to alter the indie tabletop publishing landscape in the last few years is the advent of crowdfunding. 2,088 more words


Bad Omens in Ominara has finished playtesting!

One of the adventure scenarios in the Veranthea Codex finished its big story arch tonight: Bad Omens in Ominara. You can read some of what goes on here, but today’s game was just too god damn good not to document. 479 more words

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The Idea of Balancing Classes

The previous discussion about John Wick’s article reminded me of a tangential topic–something I said a couple of years ago about balancing classes, which was: 1,016 more words

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I've had something in the hopper for about two years that *might* change Sean's mind a bit about balancing classes (I declare that you can have it all!), but this is still a great article for most games. Read it! Back the Five Moons RPG if you haven't yet! :D