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Past 75% now! Firearm Recoil rules! Softcover Vouchers!

We’re over 150 backers and past the 3/4 mark! To celebrate, we’re slipping some news I wanted to hold onto until after the project ended: 116 more words

MIke Myler

NEW RACE: Dragonii

This is the LAST WEEK of the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter!

If you’ve been waiting in the wings and holding out your pledge, now is the time to… 98 more words

MIke Myler

THE BIG NEWS: Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey!

The Veranthea Codex‘s foreword is going to be written by none other than RPG industry veteran artist Larry Dixon!

Of course that’s not all—NY Times bestselling author Mercedes Lackey is writing up a character for the book that Larry is illustrating (I know him best from Wizard of the Coast’s  55 more words

MIke Myler

Green Avengers and imminent BIG NEWS!

…which I’ll reveal the second I’ve got a green light, so keep tuned in!

Until then there’s a great new post for you to dig into: … 15 more words

MIke Myler

The best for last!

The tumblr updates are all excellent, but the really good stuff is coming down the line for the home stretch before the funding period ends on Sunday, October 5th! 59 more words

MIke Myler

Dragons Enslaved and High Mage Grukorii Felltongue!

Some of the history of Trectoyri reaches a climactic end in today’s update to the tumblr!
Developer Colin Stricklin writes about the glorified Egg Hunters, the School of Vile Shadows, and the High Mage that runs the despicable institution— 25 more words

MIke Myler

The 2nd Live Q&A and Kaihuan, City of Blossoms!

Luis Loza is back with more of the fantastic continent, Urethiel! Read about the 88, High Phoenix Lau-Yi, and the City of Blossoms in today’s update to the tumblr! 11 more words