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Self-promotion sidebar - announcing the release of SexyTime Adventures: the RPG

Several months ago, I wrote a post about the difficulties I was having doing illustrations for SexyTime Adventures – my ridiculous feminist satire Dungeon World hack – and the impossibility of satirizing something that is already its own satire. 309 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Jacob Blackmon crushes it and Veranthea's Facebook page!

The rumors are true! Veranthea Codex has a Facebook page! Check it out! Give it a like!

In other news, the four free preview PDFs are chugging ahead (alongside more beautiful graphic design from Justin Andrew Mason!), and the video is approaching a proper final cut. 67 more words

MIke Myler

Rise of the Unwanted Folk!

Wondering how an entire continent of Veranthea came to be dominated by the sprawling toxic metropolis of Goblinvania?

READ ON, adventurer, and learn how it is the Rise of the Unwanted Folk came about!

MIke Myler

The Jeweled Clans of Verentai

Another update! Read about some of the political maneuverings of Urethiel’s most traditional dynasty with the Jeweled Clans of Verentai!

MIke Myler

Lethis, metropolis on the Koprik Sea!

The first of the many updates coming to the Veranthea Codex tumblr is up! Read onward to learn more of the mercantile jewel that is Lethis! :D

MIke Myler

GenCon 2014 and Con Advice

I’ve got a whole plethora of awesome ready for BSP’s proper announcement (on AUGUST 19th!) and am otherwise sprinting around prepping or packing for GenCon! 257 more words

Tabletop RPGs