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Blind Yamabe and $5k!

We are EXTREMELY CLOSE to cresting $5,000!
Be the backer that gets the project through the barrier!

In other news: Blind Yamabe, another one of Luis Loza’s brilliant characters, is on today’s update for the tumblr! 15 more words

MIke Myler

Nerd Nighters and a 2nd LIVE Q&A!

A few days ago (and a few thousand dollars—we’re fast approaching $5k now!) I was hosted by the Nerd Nighters on their Back It! Podcast… 79 more words


Territory of the Red Fists!

What are those violent monstrous folk up to in southwestern Grethadnis? Are the territories around Deevyce Town under their control, and what do these hazardous locales contain? 40 more words

MIke Myler

OVER 55% FUNDED! Have some sweet fiction!

Last night we passed the halfway mark, and BOUNDED across it!

As a reward for backers, the core team and I released a charming short story piece about the Veranthea Codex (which you can find… 97 more words

MIke Myler

D&D 5E: Why so many wimmenz??

I’ve actually avoided writing about the new edition of D&D, even though I have a lot of positive feelings toward it, mostly because of having my name tied to the shitstorm that was Consultancygate – despite  1,355 more words



Who doesn’t love it? I am obsessed with it!

See the current list of effects a spell enhanced with the chaotic stuff might have—I say current, because Clinton Boomer’s take on how to improve the mechanic (and the length of this list!) is one of our earliest stretch goals!

MIke Myler

Magic in the Grand Dynasties!


I call upon you.

As you explore the realms of the fantastic continent, will you be a Shòuquán, absorbing magics cast upon you to be fired back upon their source? 77 more words

MIke Myler