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Steve Jobs on Sports Illustrated's iPad-like Demo: "Stupid"

It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time when lots of people who made magazines for a living thought the iPad was going to save their businesses. 320 more words


Nexus 7 is at the heart of Toyota’s new infotainment system - SlashGear

When it comes to the average driver, one’s car infotainment center might be of more importance than the engine under the hood. Given that technology is ever-changing and one is far more likely to update to new tech hardware long before investing in a new car, it only makes sense that an infotainment system should facilitate that reality. 192 more words


A brief history of the Wisconsin Stone Tablet region

This area of Wisconsin, prior to any European explorers; was known to have abundant minerals. This fact was noted by the explorer Champlain and his protégé Etienne Brule. 352 more words

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HTC Tablet gets WiFi Certification

HTC Tablet gets WiFi Certification.

August 15th, HTC certified a device in the category “Tablet (Wi-Fi and other) suggesting that it will also come with LTE connectivity. 73 more words


Spice from 11 boughs of a terebinth tree (Knossos Tablet KN 1530 R t 01)... rather romantic

Spice from 11 boughs of a terebinth tree (Knossos Tablet KN 1530 R t 01)... rather romantic Click to ENLARGE:

In my valiant, though not necessarily entirely successful, attempt to recover syllagograms and lost text from at least some of Knossos Tablet KN 1530 R t 01, a badly damaged Linear B Tablet, I have taken my cue from Andras Zeke and his splendid blog, the… 334 more words
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HP Tablets - Designed for Productivity

Hewlett-Packard Company or HP is an American multinational IT corporation providing hardware and software services. The company is one of the world’s leading PC manufacturers and has been a leader in innovative technology and corporate culture by inspiring entrepreneurs around the globe. 434 more words


Barnes & Noble Begins New Chapter With $179 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Barnes & Noble is hoping to rewrite the future of its Nook business with the launch of its latest reading tablet in partnership with Samsung. … 503 more words