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31 July ― 19 Kalimát

Bahá’í administration has no aim except the good of all nations and it does not take any steps that are against the public good. Contrary to the conception the word “administration” may create in the mind because of the similarity in name, it does not resemble the current organizations of political parties; it does not interfere in political affairs; and it is the safeguard against the involvement of Bahá’ís in subversive political activities. 468 more words

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30 July ― 18 Kalimát

In the light of subsequent events, the warnings and appeals of Bahá’u’lláh’s writings during this period take on a terrible poignancy:

O ye the elected representatives of the… 747 more words

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29 June ― 6 Raḥmat

When the friends realize that the hosts of the Kingdom are waiting to rush forth and assist them, that others from their own ranks have arisen and have been successful, that everyone can find some effective method of teaching according to his own particular capacities and talents, they will then no doubt arise with greater confidence to take the first step, and this, we know, will be aided and guided from on high, for the very act of striving to respond to God’s call will bring in its wake countless divine blessings. 627 more words

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28 June ― 5 Raḥmat

Sustaining all these visible achievements is a constant activity throughout the world of teaching and administration — a perpetual movement, like the ceaseless surge of the sea, within the Bahá’í community, which is the real cause of its growth. 825 more words

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27 June ― 4 Raḥmat

Paralleling the growth of his inner life through prayer, meditation, service, and study of the teachings, Bahá’í youth have the opportunity to learn in practice the very functioning of the Order of Bahá’u’lláh. 878 more words

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19 June — 15 Núr


Yet it behoveth the people of truth that the signs of humility should shine upon their faces, that the light of sanctity should radiate from their countenances, that they should walk upon the earth as though they were in the presence of God and distinguish themselves in their deeds from all the dwellers of the earth. 469 more words


17 June ― 13 Núr

As trustees, or stewards, of the planet’s vast resources and biological diversity, humanity must learn to make use of the earth’s natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, in a manner that ensures sustainability and equity into the distant reaches of time. 762 more words

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