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At $200, the Intel-powered Lenovo Tab S8 looks like a good value tablet

As one of the largest laptop computer makers in the world, Lenovo has a good relationship with Intel. So it’s not surprising that Lenovo is one of the leaders trying to take Intel-powered Android tablets mainstream in the United States. 230 more words

A high-end headphone from Japan wows the Audiophiliac Steve...

A high-end headphone from Japan wows the Audiophiliac
Steve Guttenberg, cnet.com

Final Audio Design’s Pandora Hope VI is the rare full-size high-end headphone that really delivers the goods plugged into phones and portable music players!

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THIS IS WHY: Wild Mad Love for Ebooks

I believe ebooks to be the coolest thing I’ve touched since Bono in the 90s. I wanted in on an idea that allowed anyone anywhere to be faster smarter higher than they could ever dream of being. 131 more words


Apple reportedly agrees to iPad mini price cuts to prevent further market share drop

Apple has reportedly agreed to lower the price of its Wi-Fi-only 16GB iPad mini that’s usually priced at $299 in order to counter slower iPad sales this quarter. 266 more words


Feeling better

Well after having the worst nights sleep ever, being woken up at 2 and then 6, I was prodded and poked yet again. I was told they don’t think it’s my appendix but a water infection. 216 more words