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A closer look at UITableView class: part 2

Today we’ll continue to work with UITableView and UINavigationContoller classes. To get work done, you need the code from the first part of the tutorial. 1,224 more words


A closer look at UITableView class: Part 1

A month ago I wrote a post about  UITableView class. The goal was to demonstrate there’s actually nothing super complicated about coding it from the scratch, without the help of storyboard. 1,431 more words


How to Create TableView in XAML -Xamarin

<?xml version=“1.0“ encoding=“utf-8“ ?>

<ContentPage xmlns=“http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms” 


x:Class=“AppName.Views.LoginView” Title=“PageTitle“>



          <TableSection Title=“”>

              <TextCell x:Name=“text1“ Text=“Row 1“/>

            <TextCell x:Name=“text2“ Text=“Row 2“/> 21 more words

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PushViewController de un tableView a otro tableView no va suave.

La transición automática que ocurre cuando al pulsar sobre una celda de un tableview se abre otra tableview con pushViewController me iba como a parones. Primero salí una franja vertical negra, se paraba un breve instante ahí y después se cargaba la tableview final. 47 more words

Introduction to UITableView class

UITableView is one of the most widely used UI elements seen in top apps like Foursquare, Twitter, music players, readers etc. In this tutorial we’ll declare a UITableView object inside a UIViewController. 990 more words