Tags » Taboo

Hate, Obsession, Lust.

Evocatively mirrored
Prototypal sin
Reduces to ashes
The innocent desires within,
Incinerate and cauterise
Deeply the wounds
Of lust, obsession and lies,
So once more we forget… 142 more words


Can We Love Pieces?

I was holding a conversation with my boyfriend the other night when I said a cliche that I use regularly. The literary scholar in me flinches away from admitting to abusing cliches, but let’s be honest here. 1,497 more words

Social Commentary

Full Swap compilation, volumes 4-6

My immediate future is filled with a lot of writing, so I’ll make this short and sweet.

The second compilation of my Full Swap series is now on Amazon. 73 more words

Dear John...

How many times have we held each others gazes, locked in another realm where time stands still around us.  

Our conversations drawn out, never awkward, only lingering on every syllable as to make it last.   111 more words

Today's joke

Censoring oneself is truly a bad thing in reference to your own plane of thinking. At the same time society is so quick to pass judgment that there won’t even be an attempt to understand in most cases.


You've Got a Friend in Porn

INTERNET PORN HAS CHANGED US ALL. When I was a kid I couldn’t even have imagined what I would eventually bare witness to spelunking the caverns of the interweb. 539 more words