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The taboo of being too human

The song that pretty much sums it up.

Love doesn’t make the world go around. Pain does. The stuff that makes us inflict so much on each other is actually the only reason we should all believe we are alike. 230 more words

What's Been Cooking

When Buying Cheap (and Taboo) Is OK

Ever since I entered the Twitterverse, it has come to my attention that certain brands are no-gos. Just like being a mathlete, it’s social suicide to post a picture of your new Coach purse or Juicy Couture necklace, and… 726 more words


Taboo Tuesdays - 5 Types of Condoms

Following the post on how Indian men are condom shy  (http://blueberryblackout.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/taboo-chronicles-condom-shy/ ), it’s time to classify a few condom types and which one should you buy - 150 more words


The Bumhole Taboo

I like to think I’m quite liberal when it comes to sex and sexuality, but nonetheless there is one sexual taboo which I’m ashamed to say I adhere to: the bumhole. 378 more words


Breaking the Silence

Growing up a member of the brown community one learns the stereotypes, biases, and stigmas regarding the skin he or she has been born into, sometimes gradually, sometimes all at once by happenstance. 814 more words


Our sweet spot.

The sweet spot certainly for myself (and hopefully CW) is where she excites her mate to a point where they are both in the throes of sex and lost in the moment; the two combined as one. 193 more words