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The ethics of eating dogs

Editor’s note: John D. Sutter is a columnist for CNN Opinion and creator of CNN’s Change the List project. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook… 213 more words


These boots are made for... limping

On one of those million and one BBC websites there is a report of this singular phenomenon from the 19th century. The website claimed for a brief time there was a fashion among women to feign a limp in public when there was nothing the matter with them. 455 more words

Graffiti in church

Nowadays English parish churches are quaint, underused decorative motifs for period costume dramas and Kodak moments — but it seems that they weren’t always that way. 92 more words

This week in poop-smoked beer

Ray Isle (@islewine on Twitter) is Food & Wine’s executive wine editor. We trust his every cork pop and decant – and the man can sniff out a bargain to boot. 315 more words


Announcing the End of the Period Taboos

Since this topic has gone viral (Thanks to Social Media) it has given me strength to vent my frustration towards one of the taboos in our society called Menstruation. 711 more words

Women - the fairer sex? Menstruation taboos say it all

Welcome to my blog. Feel free to share your views and comments.

Lets talk about menstruation today… Shall we?

You might think that why would someone want to talk about a topic which has been hushed upon by the society for ages, a society which stigmatize women, women’s body and hygiene as well. 1,187 more words


Down with taboos

One of the more tiresome aspects of commentating is being told by liberals that one is being insulting when one opines that once you legalise homosexual ‘marriage’ the next thing will be incest and paedophilia; how dare I, they declare, compare the three? 585 more words