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Can an older woman marry a younger man in Pakistan?

By Farahnaz Zahidi Published: August 31, 2014

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While those considerations are not entirely unfounded, they seem rather fickle when compared with more substantial things like chemistry, understanding and a shared vision. 852 more words


Random Post - Chinese Taste

After scrolling down countless Google reverse-search finds that were basically completely different images (men, women, you name it), I came to a section (not the source, natch) that was made up of Chinese-language sites. 138 more words

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Yes, I'm Incognito

I’m used to writing in my other blog. I have found friends from all over the world through it. People close to me read it too. 61 more words

Because it shouldn't be a taboo subject

A few weeks ago I sat at a table with my CASA team as we were told by the judge that our request for therapy for the child we represented was denied. 1,153 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

Lars Von Trier was highly aware of his film, Nymphomaniac stirring up high tides of controversy, while in the wake of a generation that begins to glorify the Queer grey areas of society. 396 more words


taboos create mass projections

breaking taboos create other projections. personal ones

seeing through taboos demands the ability to ignore both collective and personal projections. hard


Dirty Hatred

We should allow ourselves to hate that which makes us less human and that strives to separate us from our natural selves. Indeed, we must relearn the feeling of abhorrence our early training bleached from our psyches in order to misdirect us and steer us into uniformity. 158 more words