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Thought of the Day !

Normal is just an illusion. What’s normal for the Spider is a Chaos for the fly. – Anonymous Author.

Think because its still Legal. :-)

What Leads Us, the Head or the Heart? Rebecca Newberger Goldstein and Steven Pinker Ted Talk

Plato’s main aim was less to teach than to show how you don’t know what you really think you know. The brilliant and provocative Rebecca Newberger Goldstein has a conversation with… 468 more words


Learning in the Prime of Your Life

What does it say about a middle-aged person who wants to learn a new hobby?  Doesn’t get it; needs to grow up; clinging to a long lost past.  592 more words


Dust and Shadow.

I don´t assume anybody is going to read this anyway but if you are bored, go ahead and start reading this crap. When you are really bored add a comment. 418 more words



Breath trapped in the chest
Muscles too taut to flex
Tangled taboos hang like a hex.
Even words can purple the flesh.

This is part discussion – part survey, everyone is welcome to reply, anonymous contributions welcome.

This is a question designed to test individual and collective ideas about what may be acceptable, I have been researching the subject for a little while but would really welcome your thoughts. 279 more words


Something That Starts With 'S'

Where to begin? I’m thinking of a word that starts with ‘s’, has three letters and kind of makes you feel dirty every time you talk about it. 395 more words

Elephant In The Room