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Why are people homeless?

Why are people homeless?

Homelessness can happen to anyone. There are a lot of misconceptions about the homeless in America, including a belief that only lazy people are homeless. 251 more words


Eight Ways to the Help the Homeless

What do you do when you see someone holding up a sign, “Will Work for Food”…? Do you roll down your window and give them money? 616 more words


RIP Filofax dream

Well, I literally put in my new inserts for 2015. Never before used filofax and I am super excited!

Then suddenly the rings do not close and all my faith in filofax is lost! 266 more words


Smart buildings, smart climate, smart acoustics – an evolution through design

By Andrew Parkin

In September I presented at the TABS expert meeting in Sweden. Below is a 17 minute video of the presentation.

In this presentation I looked at how the design of buildings has evolved over time and how this has affected the acoustics. 303 more words

Sustainable Cundall

Output of program that counts blanks, tabs, and newlines

my question regards the following program:

// program counts blanks, tabs, and new lines
    int c;
    int blank, tab, newl;

    while((c = getchar()) != EOF) {
        } if (c == '    ') {
        } if (c == '\t') {
        } if (c == '\n') {

    printf("There are %d blank lines, %d tabs, and %d new lines\n", blank, tab, newl);
… 80 more words
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