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Eight members of staff from Lowestoft College ditched the razors last month and let their facial hair grow free as part of the global Movember campaign. 246 more words

Day 29: it's penultimate 'tache day

Peace, man. Huh.

Dude.  We all want peace and freedom.

Of course, when someone has mental health problems, it’s hard to find either.  It’s like having two or more radios turned up in your head, a whole load of anxious thoughts all racing around and jostling for your attention AND then you have to try and listen to other people when they talk to you and attempt to make sense of what they’re saying.   926 more words

Day 27: continuing on the political 'tache theme...

Today i have a badly-drawn Hammer & Sickle for a ‘tache.

(Oh and wonky glasses… i’ve only just noticed that.)

What the commie fuck?

I realise it looks a bit like a pair of scissors, but hey, i’m not doing this to show off my artistic skills. 40 more words

Day 26: anarcho-tache

Today i committed that cardinal faux-pas of bringing politics into polite company:

What the ffflag…?

Oh, that and the asparagus farts.

But i digress.  The point is: please donate to… 8 more words

Day 25: ginger

While we’re fighting stigma, i thought i’d also stand up for gingers.  Personally, i’m baffled as to how anyone could possibly think ginger is anything other than AWESOME.   663 more words

Days 20, 21 & 22

Bah, i’ve been unusually busy and even more knackered than usual — possibly coming down with something deadly — so although I have been Doing The ‘Tache and taking the necessary selfies, i have failed to post them up on here.  68 more words


Votre mission est de m’aider à faire découvrir ces plats un peu étranges.

Après avoir fait vos recherches, vous pourrez me proposer un menu contenant au moins 3 plats qu’on trouve étrange ici. 126 more words