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Tacitus' "Agricola"

To bequeath to posterity a record of the deeds and characters of distinguished men is an ancient practice which even the present age, careless as it is of its own sons, has not abandoned whenever some great and conspicuous excellence has conquered and risen superior to that failing, common to petty and to great states, blindness and hostility to goodness. 11,749 more words

Conclusions on the Historicity of Jesus

I began this article with the question: Did Jesus exist? In accordance with the definition of   historicity which deals with the issue of analyzing historical record to determine whether Jesus, as a person, existed, we looked at a number of historical records, but apart from the Gospels and other writings of the New Testament. 772 more words


The Uses and Abuses of History: Tacitus' Germania

Interesting history and impact of the work of the Roman Tacitus on Germans:

Tacitus wasn’t a satirist himself, but in the Germania he was working one of Western moralism’s most enduring tropes: contrasting the noble savage beyond the border with the decadent civilized man within.

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Book Plunge: The Christians As The Romans Saw Them

What do I think of Wilken’s book on how Romans viewed the Christians? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Wilken’s book has been seen as a classic in the field on investigating what were the opinions of the Romans on the Christians that goes from Pliny all the way to Julian the Apostate. 1,125 more words

Book Plunge

Gender Roles: An irrelevance surely?

Earlier this week in English Lit we were reading a book entitled Their Eyes Were Watching God (which I highly recommend), and discussing the idea of courting and the chivalry involved in a relationship from the perspective of gender roles. 438 more words


Tacitus on Judaism

I will be reviewing some remarkable excerpts from the Histories of Tacitus which appear to be some of the earliest, yet most accurate, analyses of Judaism. 977 more words

Origin of the Oldest Profession


8. The Origin of the Oldest Profession

With India ruled by the Muslims and Christianity prevailing in the West, the entire first half of the second millennium was a long era of sexual repression. 631 more words