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Sometimes the pages we look at on Throwing Frisbees are intended to be humorous, so we can freely talk about them and laugh with them without feeling guilty or embarrassed at ourselves. 570 more words


The Marketing of Weird Al Yankovic

The way Weird Al chose to release the music videos for his latest album has been brilliant in my opinion. The 8 days 8 videos model, for him in particular, is a great idea. 805 more words


JOTD (Jam(s) of the Day) - "Happy" & "Tacky"

Rather than write out “Jam of the Day” in the title of each related blog, I will from here on out simply refer to it at “JOTD”.   76 more words

Jam Of The Day

Where Is A Swarm Of Piranhas When You Really Need One?

The Pimp of the tacky whores instagramm’d this picture of her money makers in the pool…   “4 sisters” – Pimp Mama Kriss.

I have 3 comments about this mess: 59 more words

Watch it Wednesday: Weird Al Yankovic's TACKY

I have watched it several tim
es & it is fast becoming my favorite Weird Al song!! http://youtu.be/XsWo8apgLys

The Daily Read: Don't Judge My Shopping Choices

Don’t consider me basic. I just like a good deal.

I must confess that I have a problem: I am a bonafide shopaholic. If I am not shopping at the mall, I am “window shopping” online. 329 more words

The Daily Read