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Funny Conversation about Tacky

Mom: “It’s amazing to me how some people have tacky down to an art form.”
Me: (Laughing) “It’s true. I mean… these are things that you could not repeat if you really tried.” 38 more words

Day 21: Logos and Tackiness

Today was the start of a new block in our diagnostic period. This meant that we switched what we were doing with the other group meaning that today we were with Iwan working on a large, tacky but punchy image. 135 more words


Big Bang Theory...

This is the type of thing they would want you to do!

365 Day Challenge

"Creating a Piece of work that is punchy"

This piece measures 5.5 metres by 2 metres, I took influence from tacky objects and logos, warping the meaning behind the logo’s text and distorting them visually also.


hey baby. Wanna fold sweaters together.

I get a lot of off the wall emails. Some creepy, some gross, some sweet but misguided, and sometimes I get one that is so WTF that it makes me belly laugh for 5 min solid. 75 more words