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Sims, anyone?

I can’t even say one of my best costumes, because they are all pretty impressive…

and a plumbob mouse!

365 Day Challenge

Record Collection #38

-Vinyl Gold #6-

This is a complete horrorshow of 80s nasties. There is no redeeming qualities in Colin Millington’s album. The over use of pastels, the terrible flower and butterfly motifs, the horrendous layout, the lazy photography, the simply bad suit with alterations clearly visible… and then there’s the title. 164 more words

Unexpected the Third

or, A Pair of Parodies

In the last post, I mentioned Spike Jones who, in an earlier era, gained a certain notoriety for his parodies of well-known compositions.   446 more words


Tacky becomes Fashion – So Bad it’s Good

Are long plastic chains, gold hoop earrings, an extraordinary amount of neon and belly button exposing crop tops all in good taste?

We have reached a generation where everything goes in fashion and individuals are given the freedom to express their fashion tastes in any way that they so wish to and are still deemed fashionable. 125 more words


Record Collection #37

-Kamahl #2-

It’s all about the shirts in these album covers by Kamahl. ‘Friends’ shows off an amazing patterned shirt that is hovering in the limbo between absolute retro cool, and the kind of clothing that your dodgy uncle Gilbert wouldn’t even wear. 159 more words

Morning Song - Tacky

This little blog regularly talks about The First Rule Of Cover Songs* but not enough about the Prime Corollary of Musical Parodies:  There’s only one… 30 more words