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I have contacted a small number of non-profits which provide support in regard to water and power supply infrastructure. So far I have not heard anything back, but I have provided links to the entities below for your reference and intrigue. 59 more words




CONCRETE CANVAS – Potential solutions for temporary housing utilizing reconstructed debris as structural framework.  See more at: http://www.concretecanvas.com/concrete-canvas/general/what-is-it/

I am awaiting a price quote on this material for individual family sized volumes (30 sqm) and community sized volumes (3,000 sqm).   101 more words


Tacloban Conference Call Notes

I apologize for how late this post is in regard to the conference call that took place between us and Tacloban, but here are some minutes to keep in mind as we push forward. 414 more words


Collecting Bike Stories in Serendipitous Meetings

Yesterday, I made a new friend. There are those who quietly lead very inspiring lives. For anyone who, like me, needs a little dusting off this morning before going back into the fray, I share this. 496 more words

Announcing the next Pog Plan!

I’ve been working on a plan for the last month.  I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t completely sure it was really going to happen, but this week I started my injections, booked my flights and…(drum roll please)….on 5th August I’m taking two weeks annual leave and going to volunteer in the Philippines.  706 more words


The beginning

A couple of years ago a colleague in America helped me out at work.  We didn’t know each other, we’d never spoken but she was one of just a few people who responded when I asked for help and because of her input, others followed.  769 more words

The Beginning