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Rain, rain - go away.

I don’t see rain the same way that I used to.

Before I came to Tacloban, I have to say I had pretty positive associations with rain. 316 more words


Well now, here I am, coming up to 11 months here in the Philippines, and a lot has changed.

Tacloban is a very different city, with most shops up and running again (with the noticeable exception of McDonalds, whose refurbished grand opening is still being awaited with baited breath here in our bustling office….) :) 499 more words


Blog Hiatus


It seems I have forgotten all about my poor blog for the last 5 months, and left it shamefully alone and neglected.

Luckily I have the odd post I drafted a while ago and never got around to posting, so will now attempt to post a few of them and liven things up a bit in this corner of the internet! 38 more words


Calm 3

We stood at the waiting shed and I looked at what used to be someones home across the road. Many times we had taken cover from the morning sun in this shed, waiting for a bus to come. 456 more words

The insects are taking advantage

I am the laughing stock of Tacloban’s insect community. How do I know? There are just some things you can be certain of in this life — this is one of them. 832 more words

Tacloban City

6 things about the Philippines.

There are six things I bet you didn’t know about the Philippines.

1. They have an amazing sweet bread that they squirt hot cinnamon into. Ernie introduced me to this magical wonder on a fork , so I thought it was some kind of hot dog thing. 203 more words


Though travel for pleasure wasn’t the main reason why I visited Tacloban. I guess a little side trip won’t hurt. since I have another day to kill before my flight going to Manila. 254 more words