The Tacoma Free Skool

The Tacoma Free Skool, started in 2014 by Lexa Wade, brings the ideas of the Free Skool project to the Tacoma area. These skoools are a volunteer ran, community based network of learners that come together to share information and ideas through workshops, skill shares, discussion groups and more with an emphasis on DIY. 172 more words

Free Skool

What is a free skool?

A free skool is a horizontally-organized and monetarily-free network of learners that come together with a DIY ethic to share the skills and knowledge needed for the liberation and well-being of their community. 265 more words

Free Skool

Fall Fun | Halloween at the Conservatory

We made a trip out to the Botanical Conservatory at Wright Park to enjoy their free admission night. The conservatory was decorated for the season. 52 more words


Jasper The Lynx Cub Struts His Stuff At Point Defiance Zoo… via Tumblr

via Love Nature & Wildlife.

Beauty of Nature & Wildlife via Jasper The Lynx Cub Struts His Stuff At Point Defiance Zoo… via Tumblr

Photography & Images

Tacoma Police Award Medal Of Courage

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — The Tacoma Police Department awarded the Medal of Courage to a citizen for his bravery in saving a drowning girl.

Police Chief Donald Ramsdell made the presentation to Noah McDonald, saying his heroism went beyond what was expected of a citizen. 105 more words


Sewing Academy and WWSCD at the Fort

I’m attending the Sewing Academy this weekend at Fort Nisqually.  Elizabeth Clark is a well known expert in the  interpretation of mid-18th century.   Fort Nisqually brought her to teach her Sewing Academy this weekend.  251 more words


The Dead Can Dance

 You voted for happy dancing skeletons…here they are!

The Dead Can Dance


 Acrylic and Paper Collage on Wood

 18″ x 18″