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Tadpole Heaven

Change is an inevitable and important part of life. When I brought live tadpoles into my classroom that was the lesson I had planned to teach. 663 more words


Herp Day 2

It’s that time again! All photos from Fall Line Sandhills Natural Area.


69i - Needs Oar Point to Lymington

There are times, I imagine, when postmen think twice about whether to deliver letter or not.

We met quite a few cows on our road trip today.   280 more words


Reorganized frog room

This past weekend was gorgeous so we spent most of the time outside working on our garage.  However, we did get a little time to reorganize the frog room.  172 more words


They're Gone!

This is terrible! Just terrible!

Remember how I found tadpoles in my puddle yesterday?

Well, today I went to visit them and someone had taken my puddle and the tadpoles. 197 more words



So just in case you don’t live in Florida or are unaware of what our Summer weather is like down here, I’ll enlighten you.

Our days start off very hot and usually muggy. 572 more words


Who Ate My Homework?

At our recent family reunion, several of the kids (whose father says with pride, “Our kids are such nerds.”) discovered some tadpoles at the edge of the lake. 513 more words

Wild Things