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Metamorphosis 3

At the risk of tadpole overload, we will finish the Metamorphosis series of posts with some pictures of our last home-raised frog. What amazed us about this one was the speed of change in the last few stages of development, particularly the shrinking of the tail, as you can see from the dates on the photos. 140 more words


Froglet update!

Happy Thursday!  This week has flown by so far!  Here are some updated pictures of the baby froglets which recently morphed.  Oddball is a little smaller than his brother or sister but he is also very hard to find and is also very jumpy! 199 more words


Tadpoles: Part III

My Dad goes back in the house, and my brother and I decided to jump around in this ditch water while my mom watched. Not too long after, my father returned with a glass jar. 88 more words


Tadpoles: Part IV

Since they were so new, and I thought they were so neat, I decided I’d keep them as a pet; I thought they were like fish, and stay the same forever. 88 more words


“We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.”

No jumping out of bed into the shower this morning, not with the house at 61˚. I was cozy under the comforter, but I should have realized how cold the house was as Gracie was leaning on me on one side and Fern was leaning on the other. 476 more words