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Springs flowing
Dragonflies darting
Tadpoles jump


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Micro Poetry


After about 21 days as spawn, the embryonic frog leaves its protective jelly as a tadpole, complete with organs, gills and a long tail.

There is one kind of frog that is native to the UK, the common frog, which is found in most parts of the UK. 28 more words


Animal of the week- glass frog

The glass frog is a family of frogs. In the family, there are 12 genera, each with many different species of frog. Most glass frogs are lime green in colour, but the skin of their belly is translucent, meaning you can see their many of their internal organs.

Wild Animals

A Sense of Urgency

Its time for those of us who live in the deciduous forests to wonder through the woods in search of woodland spring flowers.  In early spring, before the canopy of green shades their leaves, they  soak up the sun of the lengthening day to produce a beautiful short-lived display. 258 more words

New Pets

We spent the day finding new pets.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope the kids will remember to feed them.


The Pond and Isa: Part I

     There once was a little leopard frog named Isa. He was born in water, just a little tadpole amongst many eggs. As soon as Isaiah hatched he felt at one with the warm murkiness that seemed to dance with his tiny simple body. 1,215 more words

The Sign of Spring

The eggs are hatched and the creek is full of these buggers. I took a couple out to document their stage and then of course feeling guilty, I put them back. 20 more words