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Quick Tadpole Update

Here is a quick tadpole update for the Friday before a long weekend.  They are each doing well and should be popping their front legs shortly.   21 more words


Artist Inspiration : Eiko Jones

I came across this startling image whilst browsing Pinterest the other day, and immediately went “Whoa! What on earth is that?” Well, not exactly in those words, lol, but if you see the image yourself, you’ll know why it got that reaction from me. 112 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

Fruit Fly Media Comparisons- update

Sorry for the delay in this post!  I have been meaning to write it up for awhile now, but just haven’t got the chance.

I posted awhile back on my comparison of Saurian fruit fly media to Repashy fruit fly media (you can read it… 221 more words


Chicago Trip Frog Photos

Sorry about the lack of posts this week!  My husband and I were in Chicago with his family and I didn’t have time to make a post.   276 more words



Armed with a net and bucket, we headed off to sample some dam water among the rushes to see what waterbugs were present. Sifting through the sample, we discovered a variety of little darting creatures: tiny water mites, beetles, backswimmers, waterboatmen etc. 252 more words


Chytrid and Photos

This past weekend has been pretty busy!  We went to the Brewer’s game on Friday night, helped Steve’s sister move into an apartment on Saturday and then Sunday, we went to the State Fair and had Steve’s friend Evan over!   433 more words


sinking or swimming - Grimbold books and other aquatic life.

It’s like watching tadpoles, as I did one summer, having struggled out of their jelly and learned about wriggling and eating, becoming reduced in number every day by natural hazards such as sibling cannibalism, bird attacks, or the gradual drying out of their nursery before they had legs enough to hop to the next pond. 248 more words