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Impeaching the Korean Traitor

My problems with President Jung-hee Park had been well documented. Though I had never been a supporter, my main disagreement with him stemmed from his efforts to derail my efforts to improve the practice of Taekwondo. 330 more words


Martial Arts Can Benefit The Mind And Body As We Age

Most people think of the benefits of mastering karate and taekwondo only in the context of self-defense. Typically, people enroll in classes to help them feel more confident in their ability to defend themselves in case their personal safety is threatened. 93 more words


Top 5 Things We Learned from Tournament!

The week following Tournament we reflect on what we’ve learned. The emphasis is always on learning rather than winning. Here’s our top five answers:

5. People are helpful! 145 more words

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Bronze at the Commonwealth Champs!

So close…yet so far! 

Coming into the Commonwealth Championships I had high expectations for a medal yet remained a little skeptical as to how I’d perform with the timing of this comp being in the middle of our training program in Madrid. 367 more words

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Korean Language Class a Success!

One of the phrases that you will hear if you visit a good martial arts school is “that there is more to martial arts than kicking and punching.” What you need to SEE is that the school can follow through on that commitment to their students and parents. 205 more words

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2015 Promotion Test Schedule

If you’re like me, you set your calendar at least 2 months in advance. To assist you in your planning for promotion testing, we have set the 2015 Promotion Test Schedule. 16 more words

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Traditional vs Modern: wrong thinking

I occupy a rather unique position in the larger martial arts community. I don’t want that interpreted as “special,” or “better,” or as some sort of conceit. 1,222 more words

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