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Actress and Taekwondo Athlete Taemi Aims for First Pitch Supremacy

Korean ceremonial first pitches: Where the real war of skill takes place on a baseball mound.

Taemi (also known as K Kim and Tammy which just makes google searching much too difficult) must have seen… 195 more words

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Kicks going up on a Tuesday!!

The Roundhouse Kick

While Drake is turning up, partying, and making the club go up on a Tuesday, I’ll be practicing, working hard, and making my kicks go up on a Tuesday! 284 more words


Developing Taekwondo Creative Forms

As one progresses through Taekwondo, they will discover that the learning process is not all about strength and conditioning, but knowledge as well. For those who remain long enough to earn the title of Black Belt, they should now have discovered that the actual, true journey will have just begun. 911 more words


Earliest American Report of Taekwondo?

“In nine months of covering the war in Viet Nam, I have marched with virtually every American and Vietnamese unit. None of them impressed me as much as the Koreans. 229 more words


Style Shifting

Recently in my anthropology class, we discussed the idea of identity. More specifically, style shifting. Style shifting is basically when people change their way of identity depending on the environment. 364 more words


What Black Belt Means To Me

Today, I asked one of our recent black belts to tell me what having a black belt means to him. Mr. Chipperfield and I discussed where one goes after black belt and how he feels know that he has had some time to settle into his new belt. 173 more words

Tae Kwon Do

Buckling up

Every day, I hear about people getting black belts and either quitting or thinking that they are the best person in the world. Additionally, I always hear about people getting their black belts at a very young age or I would always hear people flaunt about having some number of degrees on their belts. 623 more words