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Don't Be Cocky Unless Your Name is Mick Jagger

“Yes, sir!” I chirped with a smirk when asked if we wanted to do another round of duck walks across the dojang. I have lower jump kicks and less forceful strikes than my male classmates, but 20 years of being a gym rat and yoga enthusiast makes me excel in conditioning exercises. 187 more words


New Otomix Purple Stingray coming soon!

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I Traded Magical Thinking for Martial Arts

A ladybug on your shoulder.
A face-up penny on the ground.
A parking space in a crowded lot.
A text after a month of no contact. 447 more words


What My 2nd Dan Black Belt taught me about Business

The thing people bring up in job interviews I’ve had more than anything else is my 2nd degree black belt. More often than my experience, my education, or anything else managers inevitably point to that part of my resume. 832 more words


The Best Martial Art

The history of Taekwondo can be confusing, depending on who you talk to.  One thing that is certain, is that Korean martial arts can be traced back to 37 B.C. 620 more words


Trying to Say Goodbye

The past weeks have been bittersweet as I have had to say goodbye to so many people who have made my South Korea experience great.  I’ll take a moment to recap. 909 more words

Country Boy In Korea

Maintaining the Principles of Taekwondo

Master Kim was an amazing fighter and at 5’11” it seemed impossible to escape his oncoming kicks. He could go from gentleness to fierceness within a matter of seconds, like a Tiger, thus earning him the nickname: Kim “The Tiger” Sung-han. 716 more words