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Travel Recommendation: Paju Heyri Art Village (헤이리 문화예술마을)

Last May in 2014, I travelled to Seoul and Busan with my sister, mother and aunt. I always like to travel outside of Seoul (e.g. Incheon, Goyang or Bucheon), as sometimes you will feel bored from all those shopping, eating and sightseeing in the city. 946 more words


The Shinee World (doo-bop) - Shinee lyrics [romanized, english, hangul]

Yeah, SHINee World
Asia producer, number one
SM as one
Get the break down!

seomgwangeul bon deuthan nuni busyeojil deut han
ije sijakdoeneun tansaeng nugungaga jikyeo bogo isseo… 1,182 more words


Frappé [Jiyoung version]

Author: @isjiyona

Cast: Kang Jiyoung

Another cast: Mr. Raymond, Lee Taemin




Ini sekuel dari J&J coffee shop ya. Tapi sudut pandang total Jiyoung seorang. 2,058 more words


Kai's Confession


Genre : Comedy & Romance | Length : Oneshot
Cast : Kai Kim & Krystal Jung
Support : Do Kyungsoo, Luna & Oh Sehun… 1,832 more words


Don't Stay

I will only stay if you want me to stay. That’s all. 358 more words

Fan Fiction

Pann: Did Taemin really like Naeun and he got dumped?


1. [+125, -4] Do you go to an elementary school? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+92, -18] Taemin’s ideal types are Emma Watson and Kaya

3. [+86, -11] Taemin didn’t like Naeun and he didn’t get dumped either. 312 more words