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BIG BANG (빅뱅): Always

 그 첫날 너와 나 눈을 뗄 수가 없었지 (세상이 멈춘 것 같이.. 사랑에 서툰 것 같이..)
geu cheotnal neowa na nuneul ttel suga eobseotji (sesangi meomchun geot gachi..  774 more words

First Mini Album

BIG BANG (빅뱅): Oh Ma Baby

 Oh ma baby 날 떠난 그대.. 맘 속으로 불러본다
Oh ma baby nal tteonan geudae.. mam sogeuro bulleobonda
Oh my baby when you left me, my heart cried out for you… 1,095 more words

First Mini Album

BIG BANG (빅뱅): Wrong Number (없는 번호)

 내게 돌아와줘 Baby 오늘도 길을 헤매
naege dorawajwo Baby oneuldo gireul hemae
Come back to me baby, I’ve been straying on the streets again today… 833 more words

First Mini Album

BIG BANG (빅뱅): Lies (거짓말)

 Yeah, love is pain, dedicated to all my broken-hearted people
One’s old a flame, just scream my name
And I’m so sick of love songs, yeah, I hate damn love songs, momentos of ours… 923 more words

First Mini Album

BIG BANG (빅뱅): We Are BIG BANG (우린빅뱅) (Intro)

 Oh oh oh oh oh~~ BIG BANG singing

B I G B A N G We 답답했었니..소리질러 We Crazy Yo
B I G B A N G We Dapdapaeseonni..sorijilleo We Crazy Yo… 158 more words

First Mini Album

Rise Tour in Fukuoka (140823-24)

Thanks so much to @MShinju for the fanaccounts!

Day 1

YB was really energetic today in Fukuoka. He danced very passionately, using the elevations on stage (where the band members are standing) 2,365 more words

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Big Bang 2014 Summer Goods (A Nation Japan Goods)

*Prices includes shipping fee from Japan to Singapore.

*Items are while stock lasts.

*Full refund will be made for items OOS.

*Batch 1: Closing 27 August 2014, 2359… 67 more words

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