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Complete - Part VII B

Salva Me

“Taeyeon-ah! We’re going to get ice cream! Would u like to join us?” a loud voice rang through the phone.

Taeyeon’s face lifted at the mention of ice cream. 2,383 more words


FF: [Prompt #3] Red Winter

[Length: drabble – Rating: G – Cast: Baekhyun & Taeyeon – Genre: romance]

A/N: please do not share my fictions into facebook, or if you really want to share it, at least tell me first.Thank you very much.  507 more words


Complete - Part VII A

Ugly Smile, Sweet Smile

Dawn broke as the awakening sun slowly rose and painted the horizon with a beautiful array of reds and orange. The ebony hair psychiatrist, who has just managed to sneak a few hours of sleep before sunrise, stirred as she felt the warm sunrays permeating through her curtains. 2,718 more words


Complete - Part VI


“What do you know…? What do you know?” I gasped painfully as I felt the walls of my heart clench. I cowered over and hugged my knees as I felt the pain building up in my heart slowly spread to my other parts of my body. 2,751 more words


Complete - Part V

What Do You Know

The shrill ring of the phone jolted Yuri out of her reverie. She wondered who would call at this time of the night, or should she say very early morning. 3,037 more words


Taeny | Nothing Lasts Forever [chap. 1]

hai hai readers,back with new story. Ini ff gw bikin pas lagi suka film ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ jadi gw bikinnya agak mirip sama film itu tapi ada yang diubah. 898 more words