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Beauty question tag!

Hello everyone!
Getting back to the swing of things, midterms are also over YAY!
For now here’s quick beauty tag!

How many times do you wash your face? 464 more words


Ein typischer windiger Regentag in Chicago…

Mr pigeon

Mr pegeon doesn’t fly, he can but he doesn’t.

If i had wings i would never land.

Mr pegeon says that juste because you can, doesn’t mean you should… 64 more words


The joys of silence #blogging

Now, I don’t consider myself a blogger. Sure, I have a blog and I try (and fail) to update it as regularly as I can, but I don’t spend days trying to think of something to say, or set myself a weekly deadline to have regular updates or anything like that. 308 more words


SJ står för signalfel jämt

Hur är det möjligt att vi efter en halvtimmas färd redan var en halvtimma försenade liksom?! Man slutar aldrig förundras över SJ alltså – det de kallar signalfel händer ju på 90% av resorna men tycks aldrig åtgärdas. 122 more words


Confessions, Confessions.

20 things you probably don’t know about me.

⭐️I am very insecure.
⭐️I have a love-hate relationship with my cat, Chester.
⭐️When I’m on the interstate, I tend to visualize anything that can go wrong en route and kill me. 211 more words