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Will "Team Wild Mustang" make the championship "Public Land Bowl?"

Go Team Wild Mustang! Video from High Rock

At Wild Horse Education we are active in advocacy for wild horses and burros on public land. In the course of that advocacy we engage multiple arenas that effect our herds including field work, litigation, rescue and more. 2,052 more words

Wild Horse Education

Silly Article Claims Polar Bears Have Become "Killers" Because of Starvation

As one person commented below the article, famous explorer Roald Amundsen was attacked by a polar bear (back in the days when explorers drove SUV’s, remember?). 322 more words

Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge

Wind Industry Lies Continue to Be Exposed

Christopher Booker — Daily Mail — November 23, 2014

On November 7, Guardian readers were excited by a huge two-page advertisement from the wind farm company Ecotricity, hailing what it described as “a historic event”.

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Wind Turbine

The Inglewood Hotel

A good steak sandwich is a wonderful thing. For me the bread and the steak are the two key elements. You want a nice tender piece of steak, not too thin and still with a little pink in the middle. 654 more words


U.S. -- Turbines boosting governments' bank accounts

(More than likely, this explains the Ontario Liberals deep obsession to building more of these behemoths, when we already have a surplus of electricity in this province — DQ) 147 more words


My Coconut Oil Skincare Regime featuring Katy Hull

What you put into your body on a regular basis is SO important for your health.

But what about what you put ONTO your body as well? 1,435 more words