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Mexico: Researcher Raises Alert about Environmental Dangers of Industrial Wind Turbines

Renata Bessi, Santiago Navarro F. and Translated by Britt Munro and Sarah Farr — TruthOut.org — September 17, 2014

The Tehuantepec Isthmus, a southern region of Mexico that includes the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz, holds the highest concentration of wind farms in Latin America.

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Australia: Koala Habitat Destroyed as Wind Developer Clears Trees for Wind Farm

David Hurley — Herald Sun — September 16, 2014

A MULTI-billion-dollar Japanese company has been accused of killing koalas as it employs workers to chop down trees to develop a wind farm in Victoria’s southeast.

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Kathleen Wynne Continues to Lie Through her Teeth at the Ontario Plowing Match

Richard J. Brennan — Toronto Star — Sept. 16, 2014

The political urban-rural divide ran through the centre of the International Plowing Match on Tuesday.

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