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Day 11: The End.

We started packing early. I had to check and double check all the souvenirs and chocolates.

Oh, did I not say anything about this amazing chocolate? 485 more words


Day 10: Remembering

The morning was spent traveling to, and touring Yad Vashem. We could not tour the whole campus because the snow damaged some tree and was blocking parts of the property. 848 more words


Day 9: Subdued and winding down

This morning started later than usual, and we gathered to watch a documentary about a young man named Michael Levin. He was American, but felt deeply about Israel and what it stood for. 590 more words


Bus 1058: Lexi Pumilia

Usually they say time flies when you’re having fun, and this is both true and untrue for the past six days. The truth is in the fun and the not so true part is that time has flown by. 198 more words


The Not So Nice Sides of Birthright

Although I was overall very happy with the experience of my trip, it wasn’t all cake and ice cream.┬áTherefore, it’s only fair that I include both the amazing and the not so amazing aspects of the journey. 727 more words


The Holy City

There is a phenomenon known as the Jerusalem syndrome that has been known to afflict visitors to the Holy City. It most frequently appears when a normal person with no history of mental illness becomes psychotic after arriving in Jerusalem. 822 more words

Written By Justin

Mount Tzfahot, Kibbutz Lotan, & the Bedouin Tent

After our night out in Eilat, we hopped on the bus the next morning still a bit hung over. Most of the time spent on the bus was either in a state of fatigue, residual intoxication, motion sickness, excitement, impatience or some kind of combination of the aforementioned. 614 more words