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My First Blog

I have to admit; this is my first blog. So like any other thing that has been done; there will always be room for improvements and changes. 135 more words


Sketchy Wednesday #2: Peace by the Water

Hello Everyone!
I’m glad to be back presenting another sketch via Pinterest by way of Let’s Get Sketchy. The sketch below if from a February sketch challenge post, however I thought that it would be perfect for the photo I had in mind. 170 more words


Hands-on assignment 3

This assignment is due by midnight on Friday, April 25.

By now you should have several posts added to your blog as well as a few pages. 369 more words


Beauty Scenario Tag!

Three posts in one day?! I’m a roll..

Here is the Beauty Scenario Tag. A veritable “what would you do” of beauty predicaments. Let’s get to it! 390 more words


The Wednesday Wigeon No.83

I try as much as possible to keep this a happy, uplifting space, but today there’s no way around it: it’s been a rough week, and it seems my physical health has decided to give up and just cede to the universe—in other words, the past few days have all caught up with me at once. 491 more words

The Wednesday Wigeon

Spring Beauty Tag!

Alright, I wasn’t technically tagged to do this tag as in no one specifically said, “Hey. You-do this!” But I don’t care; a casual beauty… 522 more words


Tagging Your Posts

Finding your niche in the blogging world can be difficult, but it usually has something to do with your own interests and hobbies. Drawing potential visitors to your blog through the marketing tools I presented over my last two posts will work well, but you need to know your audience. 233 more words