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Travel Inspiration

I’m not quite sure what’s so captivating about calm, turquoise waters– but wow!
I need this in my life:

A bit of heaven on earth? Just maybe. 11 more words

Bora Bora

Faery Lands of the South Seas, 1921

How lucky



Nordhoff & Hall.

They wrote a

book on the


Foreign Legion

& then

took off

for a diff’rent region.

The South Seas, 111 more words

Vintage Books

By the Sea

By the Sea painted by Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia during 1892

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The Girl in the Flower Dress

This one took some time. I’ve been using the recent cinematic Marvel Universe for Shield and Hydra while using  the classic comics for the X-Men. It’s meant to be a contrast and it works on what I know (I collected X-Men, but never really paid attention to Shield). 74 more words

Doodlehoose One

A Late Night Travel Post

I was waiting for inspiration to arrive in order for me to write my first post on my blog. It seems that time would be now, at 23:33 on a Saturday night- an incredibly balmy and breeze-less Saturday night, which accounts for why I’m still awake! 809 more words

Belinda Jones

Murder Sets Sail - 3

You’ve met Chris. He’s the nice, but a not so smart, nice guy with a boat for charter. And you’ve met George who is the most bad of the bad guys. 1,242 more words