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Mortality 3

Time in a small town is slow, oh, so slow. However, the days of the funeral was quick and its over before I know it. 404 more words

Tai Chi

My first Pilates, Yoga & Tai Chi. I needed to run 5k. I was shat on. What a day.

So I did my first Pilates, Yoga & Tai Chi class today!

It went well. I hope. I wobbled about, my balance sucks as much as my flexibility! 735 more words


Day 53 continued

I have always been a fan of formless/kata-less martial arts. Drills of technique are sufficient, and even better, than doing forms or katas. This is just my opinion, which is based on a time in the army when I practiced the carps tail/wrist blocks of Uechi Ryu quite a bit, and found myself using these techniques effectively in friendly sparring matches. 332 more words

Training Journal


Well, April’s nearly over and I still haven’t blogged this month, so I thought I’d check in and write something up. Things after spring break have been interesting for me. 180 more words

Mortality 2

Previously I wrote a post on Mortality.

This week I am reminded again of mortality particularly how the Grim Reaper can appear suddenly and whisk the living from this world.  161 more words

Tai Chi

Day 53

I am about to head over to the park for some Tai Chi.  I wanted to comment, before I began, on my weight lifting last night. 61 more words

Training Journal

Tai Chi Y3D35: relaxation

I did my first qi gong form this morning, and found that I was having a hard time moving. It wasn’t that I was stiff and sore from anything yesterday. 235 more words