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Tai Chi Y3D31: Wow that's cold

I did the first two sets of exercises outside on the ground. ¬†Yesterday’s snow, though, has left the ground so cold that I couldn’t do it in bare feet. ¬† 602 more words


Higher level

Becoming an instructor is far from the end of the journey: there is still so much to explore.
An instructor is not necessarily an expert or a master. 67 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

Day 47 continued, 4th post

Too much time on my hands today, so I am posting like crazy.

While the fights have been going on Fox Sports 1, I have been working on Parting Horse’s Mane, and watching/analyzing the fights. 372 more words

Training Journal

Something to Chew On 2

In the original post I mentioned observations from watching the video. Whilst we avoid fights in which the odds are naturally against us it does not mean that we should not learn to deal with it since there are times when avoidance is impossible. 760 more words

Tai Chi


Words unsaid welled up and for a moment nearly gushed out.

But then a pause, a thought and he remembered.

A moment ago I reminded my student that the first time I taught him Grasp Sparrow’s Tail years ago I had mentioned the point specifically to him. 130 more words

Tai Chi

Shihan Tamura Nobuyoshi's observations

A shihan is a “teacher of teachers” or “model teacher” in the Japanese tradition. Here, Tamura Shihan, a leading post-WW II student of the founder of aikido – M. 62 more words

Tai Chi Y3D30: How Tai Chi Helps

Christina asked me yesterday if I had any thoughts on why, or how, my daily practice helped me stay free of acute illness most of the time, and what, if anything, I could do to enhance my immune system further.   677 more words