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Tai Chi Y3D160: Press, Push, Single Whip

Twenty push-ups again this morning — 18 in a row without stopping, two more after a pause.  I’m definitely getting stronger, although I’m still not strong enough to do a nose-to-the-floor push-up.     514 more words


100 Words: The Nine Movement Forms

Principle 2 (Part II) – Nine Movement Forms…in nine nutshells

The Nine Movement forms invite us to use our posture, walk and voice to communicate clarity and receive with openness.   72 more words

100 Words

Wu Wei :: Who Am I When I’m in the Tai Chi State?

The 8th Century Persian poet Rumi seems to have the answer:

I am dust particles in sunlight.

I am the round sun.


To the bits of dust I say, … 133 more words

Tai Chi

The Tài Jí Tú (Yin Yang Symbol): History and Fallacy

Few elements of Chinese culture have captured the minds of Westerners like the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate (tài jí tú 太極圖), aka the yìn-yáng (蔭陽) symbol. 1,979 more words

Classical Chinese Theory


I, personally, am quite proud of myself.  I have followed through to Day 2 of the tai chi and action change.  I did a movement wrong, though, that has my back upset.  277 more words


Luck o' the Irish

Day 17 on my way to Disney World.

I LOVE Irish and English pub grub.  Bangers and Mash, Cottage Pie, Full Irish/English breakfast.  We’ve just found out that our favorite local Irish pub is closing.  126 more words

Undoing and Not Doing --> Making a Robust Choice between Guilt and Joy

In the West we spend much of our lives trying to undo the mis-considered actions of our everyday lives. May I offer you a few classic examples? 387 more words

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