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The Cove Screening with Ric O'Barry

On Thursday 6th November I attended a screening of documentary film The Cove with Q&A session with Ric O’Barry in London.

The Cove is about an issue that was never really bought to public attention before – the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji. 608 more words



Single Whip is a well known Tai Chi posture. For the beginning student without the necessary play of looseness and tension in the body its difficult to teach them how to generate the whipping force that can be learned from Single Whip. 331 more words

Tai Chi


Photo credit: Aimee Ren

Hundreds of people joined the protest at the Japanese Embassy on November 8th to demonstrate against the killing of dolphins and whales in Japan. 488 more words


Inner Transmission

My student asked why after training for a long time he cannot figure out those things I am teaching him.

I said the reason is simple. 275 more words

Tai Chi

So What?

Yang Luchan was great.

So what?

Ip Man was great.

So what?

Lots of masters, dead or alive, were or are great.

So what?

We seem to have this obsession with masters. 118 more words

Tai Chi

Of Contradictions

It sounded like contradicting advice to my student. Things I told him not to do previously now I am asking him to do it.

Funny isn’t it. 189 more words

Tai Chi

Tai Chi on Sunday

Pozdrav svima,

Samo vas želimo obavijestiti da ćemo u nedelju ujutru (9. novembar) – ako bude lijepo vrijeme (tj. ako ne bude kiše) – ići na Goricu da vježbamo taiji. 62 more words