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I looked at the packet of habanero chili. It’s not that big and ugly. Despite reading about its reputation for heat the actual habanero chilies before me didn’t faze me. 211 more words

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I enjoy watching the National Geographic channel. Seeing its programs made me realize how little I really know of the world.

In the learning of martial arts the more you see the wider your perspective. 122 more words

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Which is more important – speed, power or the ability to change?

Actually, this is like asking which of the three hand shapes are more important in the game of paper, scissors, rock. 156 more words

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See Same, See Not Same

Earlier in the week my student said that he tried to learn Tai Chi in the same manner he teaches school students. I said that learning Tai Chi is different. 544 more words

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Stop Resisting

This mentality of “I must resist” can be an obstacle to learning how to flow and react in a timely and appropriate manner.

When you first learn from a teacher you give resistance because you want to see if he has the skills you want to learn. 238 more words

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There are methods and there are methods.

I don’t teach two students to do the form the same way. This is because everyone have their own way of learning. 276 more words

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