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I love being an activist

So this past year I became a vegetarian. I am so glad I did. Since I am a huge animal lover I feel it made sense. 328 more words

End this.

If humans inhabited the seas, then it would be reasonable to keep Orcas as pets. But we don’t. 

No human can provide proper treatment for whales in captivity.  31 more words

Taichi Fajin Exercise

Jenis Fajin di Taichi : Peng jin, An jin, Lu jin, Ji jin (4 lagi Cai, Li, Cou, Kao)
Ini dilatih pada tingkat lanjut di perguruan Kami. 49 more words

Ilmu Beladiri

ASEAN speaks high of Chinese performing arts

“The show was very successful and could fully describe the Chinese culture, as an audience, what I want to say is ‘I am longing for more'”, an official from ASEAN secretariat has said. 362 more words

'Open' & 'Close' in taiji. (1) Using the centre.

‘Open’ (Kai, pron. ‘Kigh’, as in ‘High‘) & ‘Close’ (He, pron. as in Her) is one of the keystones to the internal aspect of taiji. 662 more words

Tai Chi

Less than A Month till the Dolphin Killing Season begins off the shores of that Taji, Japan town....

The Dolphin-Killing Season Is About to Begin in Japan; Here’s What You Can Do About It

Five years after ‘The Cove,’ activists are redoubling efforts to stop the slaughter. 1,283 more words

Sustainable Action Network

From Past to Present 2

In this clip we are practicing the use of Wild Horse Parts Mane. The point I wanted to make it that because of the arm’s angle its more difficult to inject forceful power into the technique. 59 more words

Tai Chi