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Slaughter Cove

“The Cove” (2009) is a compelling, informative, and heartbreaking film about the capture and senseless slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

Some of the dolphins are captured and sold to such places as Sea World for $150,000. 157 more words


Master Zhao Liang in action

Hi Everyone,

Here are the links to two videos showing my Sifu and his son (Zhao Liang, who will be our guest in September)  performing Yang Style 37: 62 more words


The Secret Way of Tai Chi

“The Way Is the Way” — Lao Tzu

As with most other spiritual mysteries, the underlying secrets beyond the reach of the casual Tai Chi… 293 more words

Tai Chi

Learning ...

Everyone learns in a different way; that’s the great thing about teaching… the challenge is to see why an individual cannot understand what you’re trying to say, and then to find something that will make it intelligible. 400 more words

Tai Chi

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones...

Perhaps 12 years ago, which was a couple of years after I began studying taiji, I had one of those experiences that remains with you forever, an experience that may last only a few seconds but that somehow gets copied into memory in such exquisite detail that recalling it feels like reliving it. 1,047 more words


Sovereignty Is Authentic Power

Sovereignty is Authentic Power
Chapter 16

If your mind was attracted to the word “power” in this title, it may be ego at work. There is a paradox in that seeking power is an ego pursuit, yet authentic power is found only in the true sovereignty. 462 more words

The True Path - 10 Steps Of Tao Virtue

Adopt a Child Like Sense of Wonder (or there are no ordinary moments)

Adopt A Child’s Sense of Wonder

Chapter 20  verse 5

My granddaughter visiting the Aquarium for the first time.

Chapter 20, verse 5            “like an infant not yet smile” 772 more words

The True Path - 10 Steps Of Tao Virtue