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YouMe Mall

The first thing I noticed coming into Beppu’s YouMe mall was a cardboard catgirl advertising makeup. It was probably eyeliner; her wingtipped eyeliner played into the cat theme, along with her ears and leopard print dress. 726 more words


Meet Sandra - My Tsukasa Taiko: Member Testimonial Series 001

We’ll be starting a new series of articles called My Tsukasa Taiko, which will feature our members’ testimonials about Tsukasa. We’ve collected number of responses to the three key questions pertaining to Tsukasa members’ time and experience shared in our group, and will be taking everyone’s ideas into consideration for upcoming projects and opportunities we pursue. 895 more words


TAIKO: The Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

The Conservatorium Hotel is somewhat of an architectural feat. I do not exaggerate when I say it is probably one of the most beautiful modern hotels I have ever been in. 186 more words


Untitled #1

Last night I ended up not going to the gym with my hall mate, Rhea, because she had some English reading to do. She exclaims that reading English is difficult for her, since she is from China and therefore is not a native English speaker. 411 more words

Daily Blogs

11th Annual Red Brick Lights and Gingko Festival

When: November 8-9, 12-8pm
Where: Area around the Former Machiya Hendensho (Townhouse Substation)
(Hitachiota-shi Nishigoutoshimo-cho 1382-1)

Head down to the Machiya Hendensho in Hitachiota to see it and the surrounding area lit up by a hundreds of beautiful lights and lanterns and enjoy exciting stage performances and exhibitions throughout the weekend. 171 more words

Upcoming Events

Catch the rhythm

Dum… Dum… Duhm… Duhm… DUhm. DUHm! DUHM! DUHM! DUHM! DUHM!

The sound of the drums was almost deafening. A wall of sound thumping into our chests. 542 more words

Military Life