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Day One Hundred and Eight

Three Things I Learned:

1. Although the word taiko technically means any kind of drum, it usually is referring to traditional Japanese drumming. The group… 55 more words

Daily Blog: TTL

And Emperor Komei Said, "Learn To Read!"

Recently, the senior high school that I’m teaching English at here in Japan just celebrated its 150th anniversary. That’s right 150 years of providing education to the people of Totsukawa village. 726 more words


Taiko and Mochi

The taiko drums!  My inner samurai awakens!  Actually, it was my warrior appetite grumbling for mochi.

I went to the annual Mochitsuki event today.  Here, the ancient craft of making mochi (Japanese rice cakes) is practiced by pounding the cooked rice into a paste that’s shaped into little patties.  157 more words

Beat of the Drum

You’ve probably heard of kumi-daiko drum groups before, even if you don’t know it by name. The modern art of Japanese drum groups, using Taiko drums, has spread to cultures worldwide in recent years and is a staple event for visitors to the country. 364 more words


Stranded Westland petrels

By Jose Watson, Partnerships Ranger in Hokitika

Two juvenile Westland petrels/tāiko were bought into us last week after being picked up off the road by a Hokitika driver. 141 more words

Native Animals

Lia Chang Picks: "Island Breeze" CD by Jeff Peterson, Riley Lee & Kenny Endo

The tracks of “Island Breeze” feature a trio of world class musicians, each masters of their own instruments, who have come together to create some new and beautiful music. 1,717 more words


Thanksgiving Archive

Here is an archive of all of our performances at the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade since 2010! Thank you McDonald’s for your continuous support!

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