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Tailgating American Style

Tailgating is when a tailgate party is held mostly at stadiums or the places where a game is going to be played before it starts or when it has concluded. 24 more words


Diatribe: An Ax Through Your Windshield.

I work in a city that offers very limited public transportation.  Most people who work in the city, like myself, commute to and from work every day by automobile.  413 more words


The Party Is In The Lot

Tailgating Is Social
A tailgate party is mostly a social event usually held at the tail end of a vehicle mostly a pick-up truck. It usually involves the drinking of soft or alcoholic drinks and the grilling of food over barbecues. 14 more words


Tailgating Trailers Not Just For Football

Tailgating is party held in the parking lot of an event.  This is not the tailgating when a driver rides to close to your car while speeding down the highway. 23 more words


New Guidelines Have Positive Impact On Concert Cleanup

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It appears that new guidelines put into place ahead of Saturday’s country music concert on the North Shore had a mostly positive effect. 221 more words


Road Rage and Tailgating

I don’t get tailgating. It’s bullying, only behind the wheel.

It’s a behavior that creates unnecessary stress for a driver and his victim, and could easily lead to an accident. 47 more words


Browns Fan Creates Failed Browns QB Battle Shots Game

BC reader @Aray6444 sent this beast over earlier tonight. That’s right, it’s the official Cleveland Browns failed quarterbacks Battle Shots game. Just look at the names on those sinking ships. 87 more words