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"T" Tantrums

“Touchwood” inspired this post and yes, touchwood, you don’t have to go to this one ever.

With so many retail outlets and shopping choices, preferences of female millennials have evolved. 1,021 more words


Tales of Our Tailors

The festival season in India is a time for good cheer and celebration. But it is also a stressful time. There are a hundred things to arrange, chief among them being new clothes. 534 more words

Wear and Repair, important in all walks of life

With the slower deterioration of both Slim Jims recently than compared with a few months ago, there has little to do in the way of repairs. 515 more words

Company Offers In-Store Tailoring To Make Pockets Big Enough For The iPhone 6 Plus

These days it seems the skinnier our jeans get, the larger our smartphones are growing. So in an age of skin tight jeggings and the release of Apple’s biggest phone yet, the iPhone 6 plus, what’s a person with normal pockets supposed to do? 212 more words

THE TAILOR who loves me.

As cheeks resemble the rose in beauty, so this girl resembles my mother in virility. The truth that time cannot be by her side is a pity, but presently she remains the most beautiful girl in Ondo City. 344 more words


The Tail of the Donkey

“Why, what a fine tail you have there!” said Farmer Jo randomly on evening to no-one in particular for no apparent reason. Except that there was a donkey in the room. 71 more words


Hue, Danang and Hoi An, Vietnam

Good evening everyone, we are in our fourth different city since Hanoi so forgive the lack of detail I’m sure this post will have. My iPad is lighting up the whole room as we are 10 minutes into a power cut, Alex is getting hot and bothered because the air cons gone off and I’m slightly annoyed I’m missing important scenes in Pocahontas! 667 more words