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Taiwan Summer (I): "In my soul"

Last set of classes done, bags packed, key returned and apartment deposit received. The next day I was in Taiwan at a resort in the middle of the mountains of Hsinchu county, going through training for the summer camp that was starting the next day. 276 more words


☆Tasty food from Tainan☆

Tainan food , 米糕

Taiwan has a lot of tasty food. The most of delicious dishes were come from Tainan city.
Tainan was the capital before dependency of Japan.


See you☆待會聊~

2011.05- TAIWAN

"If it is difficult to fish, let's open up a noodle stand." Things I have dreamed about.

This is the Taiwanese entrepreneurial spirit. The fisherman from Tainan decided to open up a noodle stand during the typhoon months of August and September in 1895 when fishing was challenging.  386 more words


So You Think You Can Dance?

I stared blankly at the microphone placed in my lap as my Siraya friends insisted on an American performance. How did I get myself into this one?  395 more words


Taiwanvore Digest #11 - July 2014

So, July is drawing to an end. A fairly quiet month on the blog. I shortly went back to France, where I had a jolly time indulging in all the baguettes, raw milk cheeses, and pastries that can’t be found or matched in Taiwan, or anywhere else in the world for that matter ;). 399 more words


Three Cups of 茶 (Tea)

I think one of the best experiences you can have is getting lost in a city. I had a vague idea of where I was this weekend in Tainan; however, I wasn’t quite sure how to get to the Confucius Temple or Chihkan Towers while we were wandering through the downtown area. 187 more words


What I ate in Taiwan [2]

I mentioned in my previous post about my food adventure in Taiwan that I preferred the taste of Tainan cuisines. It might be a personal preference because my Taiwanese friend Sharon told me most Taipei people think that Southern food is sweeter than it should be.  596 more words