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selfishly unspoken

For my affections are but a mote of dust to you
Yet to me they are but the mast that holds my being
For that which could not be taint is the selfless love of the saint… 106 more words


Could you change it all, just for one thing?

We start off in life so naive, yet every step of the way we will claim it’s not so. We will say we have learnt from our past and that now we know better. 878 more words

Where do you fall into place?

When I created this blog yesterday there was the option for a poll so I took the opportunity to ask a question, which type of person are you? 758 more words


Forewarning, this post is going to be on a subject that has training value.  It is probably a darker type of topic for some of you, but the knowledge is a necessary and lost part of my job; especially as a soldier serving as reconnaissance or a sniper.  1,376 more words


It was a torture to watch him.

The way that he would pleasure her with whispers, amuse her with twinkling eyes and embrace her with the arms I was once held in. 31 more words