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My first 24 hours in Taipei

ended up being my only time to check out Taipei.

The original plan was I had a full 48 hours to explore Taipei but that got changed when I saw a brochure of Taroko Gorge National Park. 684 more words


Culture Shock or Culture Excitement??

I have arrived in Taiwan!

Okay, I arrived in Taiwan three weeks ago today, but have been to busy to stop to take a breath, let alone write a blog post… 350 more words

Last day in Taipei

I’m typing this entry at the SFO airport, while waiting for my flight to the fabulous Las Vegas. I’m blogging about my last holiday on my current holiday! 444 more words

Travel Log

Tomfoolery, Taipei, and Thanksgiving Part I

Hold on to your hats folks! I had the craziest weekend in Taipei.

AIT gave us a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and so the opportunity to really spend some time in Taipei was imminent. 816 more words

Taiwan Travel, Macau Speech Contest and the Grand Prix

“Best time I’ve ever had third wheeling it”

I told that to my friend, Barrington, as a complete joke before I left Taiwan. Though I guess by the definition of “third wheeling” it was an accurate statement (actually I can’t even think of another time where I spent an entire weekend hanging out with just my friend and his girlfriend), left out and awkward were the furthest feelings I had during my wonderful long weekend trip to Taiwan. 1,714 more words

Steel, Glass, Mountain, Sky

Taipei’s eponymous and iconic skyscraper, Taipei 101, beautifully set against the rolling mountains that frame the Taipei basin. Other than just looking pretty, this tower employed several innovative architectural features (approximately zero of which this uninformed blogger can explain in any detail) to endure the frequent and strong typhoons and earthquakes in the region.


Places you have to see in Taipei: Taipei 101

We came to Taipei a late Friday night, with tired feet and hair still sticky by sea salt. I had only been sightseeing in Taipei a short weekend before and had still seen very little. 125 more words

Exchange Year