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The Empty Planner

I am sitting at my kitchen counter right now writing this post. I have 15 minutes to write, review, post, pack my computer away, load my luggage into the car and head off to JFK International Airport. 260 more words


No need to shout

Mandy is really shy, but after you get to know her better you’ll find she’s got a lot say. She can be really self-conscious about her English, although that doesn’t prevent her from telling some really good stories regarding her four years in Canada. 665 more words


Lebron strips down for the people of Taiwan

Lebron is feeling the love from around the world now that he has gone home.  King James is feeling the crowd so much he strips down to his boxers.   16 more words


First Entry

I’m currently sitting at the airport, 2 hours before I depart, and I shall officially start this blog! For the most part, this isn’t going to be anything formal, mostly just my ramblings. 476 more words


Tàu từ Đài Bắc đi Hoa Liên

Tối nay mãi mới cho được Di ngủ vì em tìm mọi cách cưỡng cơn buồn ngủ, hết mè nheo đòi ra ngoài chơi đến mở ipad xem video. 298 more words


The great job of the Mayor Chen Chu (陳菊)

Being in Kaohsiung City, in the south of
Taiwan, has made me realize so many different good things about this place. Before I was impressed because of the wide streets, touristic places and some little things that you see when you travel anywhere. 267 more words


Making the Seals of Ancient China

Today was our Chinese calligraphy class.  We began our lesson by writing an archaic version of our Chinese last name.  We did this using calligraphy brushes to practice and get familiar with the character. 295 more words

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