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Runaway Chapter 4 - Surrender

Yoo! I’m back with another chapter!

It took me a while and I still haven’t advanced with the wWatanabe I promised. I know I said I will post it but, I got stuck…. 2,977 more words


[Fic-Trans] Nyaachan

Source: http://satsunyan.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/oneshot-nyaachan/#more-65

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Author: Satsunyan 1,941 more words


A Total but Cute Stranger [AtsuMina] Chapter 5.2

Well, I did say I’d post this yesterday but I had to finalize it before posting.

I think it’s gone bad and may not be up to your expectations. 1,198 more words


Heart of Misery (AtsuMina)

Okay here it is! The angst!

I wanted to change it a bit but it didn’t sound good so I left it as it is. I’m wondering on doing a sort of second part, this time from Atsuko’s PoV. 2,464 more words


A Total but Cute Stranger Chapter 5.1 [AtsuMina]

Hiii. Since my first school term is over, I finally had the time to write this.

Sorry for making you guys wait for so long. And I decided to cut this chapter into parts. 1,231 more words


[Fic-Trans] Flying with you {Chapter 9}

Source: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=33056.40

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Author: miayaka

Couples: Atsumina, Kojiyuu and others 2,648 more words


Memories (AtsuMina OS)

Okay, so again will post something!

As usual Atsumina! But in different PoV. If you noticed, I always write from Takamina’s Pov… so this time, I will change that! 2,936 more words