New Star Wars toys are rolling their way into our galaxy right, right here

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…an enormous franchise was born, and with it a clearly ludicrous amount of merchandise. Perhaps the most coveted kinds of “merch” were the… 339 more words


Rumble - Transformers: Prime - Tomy Takara AM-30

I picked up a new Prime figure off of Amazon.  Rumble.  If it wasn’t from Takara Tomy, I would be totally freaked out about getting a Transformer without being able to see the paint application first.   371 more words


Gardevoir the Elegant

Today what we’re looking at is not a figma or a doll, but something from the series always dear to my heart: Pokemon! This is a Takara Tomy figure of the lovely Gardevoir. 338 more words


Takara Tomy Initial D AE86 Trueno

Hello everyone! I’ve always wanted to collect Takara Tomy miniature model vehicles but I never gotten around to it since my priority is Gunpla. Anyway, this would be my… 13 more words

Ae86 Trueno

Delicious, foamy coffee art at home! We try new 3-D latte art machine "Awataccino"!

As some of our more creative and caffeine-addicted readers might recall, we recently reported that Japan is now supplying a variety of DIY latte-art related goods… 866 more words