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POCtober: Audition (1999)

Director: Takashi Miike
Not for the easily squicked. Gorgeous torture porn. At least from what I glimpsed as I hid behind my pillow. Easy to see why Takashi Miike recently Rome Fests’ Maverick Director Award.



Audition – 1999
Takashi Miike

No wonder to its popularity; this movie boasts an odd narrative, and one of the most gruesome (and well acted) acts of torture. 73 more words


National Cinemas: 13 Assassins

Edited because sometimes I can be a lame white critic who doesn’t know as much about Japanese culture as I should. 

With 13 Assassins, Takashi Miike, long-renowned for his excessively violent explorations into grisly, highly presentational Jackson Pollock blood splattering by way of horror, approximates growing up. 1,365 more words


31 Days of Horror: AUDITION

There is a certain cinematic poetry when Takashi Miike is behind the camera. A master of gruesome, brutal, barbaric horror, even his gore-filled films are a violent sonata; too horrific to watch without wincing, yet too beautifully shot and too fantastically told to turn away. 604 more words


Horror Movies for October #1

Tis the season of the Witch so as we approach Halloween I’m going to post a movie a day that are my particular favorites. We are going to start with one of my all time favorites, Takashi Miike’s “ 47 more words