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Trim a Christmas tree – or take a walk on a Christmas tree lot.

 A study by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that the scent of Christmas trees reduces tension and stress instantly. Why? Because it makes us think of the outdoors, which makes us more relaxed.

Connie Sellecca

Are you planning on getting a flu shot?

Remember to take a walk or do a crossword puzzle right beforehand. Research shows that people who engage in short bursts of physical or mental activity before getting a flu shot produce more protective antibodies.

Connie Sellecca

Lose weight faster.

Take a walk at 5:00 o’clock! Studies show that working out later in the day boosts weight loss. That’s because body temperature peaks in the late afternoon or early evening…Which means, that’s when your muscles are at their warmest, so exercise will feel easier and you’ll push yourself harder and go faster. 9 more words

Connie Sellecca