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Tips for photographing roses 4: choose your subject wisely

Rose blooms can be pretty variable. Take the time to pick the flower you like most, or try photographing several. If you would have expected all the roses on a single plant to be exactly the same, you’re in for a surprise.  632 more words


Tips for photographing roses 3: work with nature, not against it

Ever seen a field of yellow sunflowers in an open field in Tuscany, all obediently facing the same way? It’s a beautiful sight, though it always looks a little eerie to me – such clear proof of the irresistible pull of the sun. 660 more words


Tips for photographing roses 2: little details matter

When you think you’ve got exactly the picture you want, step back and check one last time, as the professionals always do, to see if there’s something small you’ve missed. 405 more words


Tips for photographing roses 1: wait for a cloud

For many years, I had the luxury of spending the odd, balmy summer’s day in David Austin’s rose garden, working with leading garden photographers who visited to take pictures of roses. 179 more words


One Technique That Will Change Your Travel Photos Forever

Making my first $1 million from selling travel photos was pretty tough.  Partly because it hasn’t happened yet.  So why should you listen to me?  I’m going to give you a simple technique that you won’t find anywhere else.  614 more words