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"Tu peux m'expliquer ?"

… la difficulté intrinsèque d’expliquer à ton étudiant.e la différence entre take care of someone and take over the world. ET surtout, surtout, la différence entre bond et bong et pourquoi elle ne doit surtout pas refaire ce lapsus en entretien.

Heureusement elle est majeure.

Les Joies Du Travail

Sometimes the need of the hour must be take care of oneself than taking care of others.

Some people are so busy in their life serving their boss, aged parents, childrens, poors, etc.

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Beware of one who has nothing to lose. – Italian Proverbs


Take Care - Passing Phase

Park bench punk that pops and rocks the basement foundations to the core,  some parents will say “it`s just a passing phase” Tyler is going through, but until then, they and the neighbours will just have to put up with this wild, garage door remote-controlled rave up, take care when reversing Dad you might drive over Daniel Macon`s the drum kit! 8 more words

Inside and Out ..

It was so nice letting the windows up and getting a nice breeze flowing through the house. At first it seemed that winter decided it was going to hang around the entire twelve months. 364 more words

Spiritual Growth

There are some good things that come from being a gamer. Your sense of awareness improves over time, you become more creative in ways, and you also develop good motor skills. 925 more words