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The Archdukes?

I remember thinking that this lot had something a little bit different in their armoury, as this is one of those debut singles that really made me sit up and listen.   137 more words

Living by Ear Giveaway & Listening Party, Day 3 with #FranzFerdinand

OK, we’re now more than halfway through the party, and it’s time for all you people who’ve been standing around or sitting down doing the head-bob to get on the dance floor. 334 more words


Edinburgh epilogue

He’s not still banging on about Edinburgh is he? ‘Fraid so – well, he doesn’t get out much at his age.

My excuse is that (a) there were a few recommendations I failed to share with you, dear reader and (b) it provides a link to my post-Edinburgh attempts to deal with the obvious and sudden drop in cultural and creative input to my life. 902 more words

Saturday Lunch at Bill's

I have to say that I love Bill’s (although it does have an alarming ability to empty my back account). We went last weekend and had a great mezze platter with some tangy red pesto and creamy baba ganoush. 52 more words

Take Me Out

Chop'd Puy Lentil, Feta and Pomegranate Salad

Chop’d is a but further away from the office so always loses out to Pure and Vital. Main problem is that Vital is actually more like dressing with some salad and Pure is a little bit bland for me. 16 more words

Take Me Out

Pod Banana and Strawberry Porridge

Empty cupboard on Tuesday morning encouraged me into Pod this week. Have to say prefer it to Pret option especially with the fruit and honey.

Take Me Out

Smart phone dating apps: what??!

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have recently, in the last month or so since I got my new iPhone, downloaded, signed up to and used a number of ‘dating’ apps with varying degrees of entertainment/interest/success. 1,891 more words