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White Sleet in Peach Street Lights (Renga)

white sleet in peach street lights –   
he walks alone   
on morning’s edge  

his footsteps blossom and die   
on the wet sidewalks  

from ten stories high… 126 more words

7 Movies About Women Who Don't Have Everything Figured Out, Featuring Characters We Can Finally Relate To, Losers!

Of course, for every female character we can actually relate to, there are a hundred vapid ridiculous rom-com stereotypes in their place. But these movies have made me feel less alone, like struggling is not only okay but totally normal. 2,559 more words

Michelle Williams

Take This Waltz: Freeloader

Margot (Michelle Williams) wears a Freeloader shirt in the 2011 movie Take This Waltz.


summer daze: films perfect for summer viewing

      Kings of Summer (2013)-“You’re right, it’s a classic kidnapping. They took our children and the canned goods and pasta”.                                                                                                         I saw this at Sundance film festival London partly due to the presence of Nick Offerman. 501 more words

Take This Waltz: Le Car Freak

Daniel (Luke Kirby) wears a Le Car Freak T-shirt in the 2011 film Take This Waltz.