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Since May 91,000 Right-To-Be-Forgotten Takedown Requests

The Right to Be Forgotten (RTBF) content removal requests in Europe keep coming in. It s difficult right now to know whether they re leveling off or continuing to increase. 47 more words

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Aircraft Takedown

Aircraft Takedown
Status : Published 22 July 2014 (UTC +7)
Game review and download link :

Free Game Application for Windows 8.1
Age Rating : 7++ 9 more words


'Star Trek: The Next Generation - Takedown' by John Jackson Miller

John Jackson Miller’s upcoming Star Trek novel now has a title and is up for pre-orders. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Takedown is slated for a January 27, 2015 release in paperback. 178 more words


FBI — Botnets Infecting 18 Computers per Second. But How Many of Them NSA Holds?


Botnets - a secretly compromised networks of ordinary home and office computers with rogue software or “malware” that are controlled by an individual criminal or a group – has dramatically increased over the past several years and are considered to pose the biggest threat to the Internet. 604 more words

"Gameover" malware revival - is it really up from the canvas?

When we talk about “the XYZ malware,” especially when law enforcement conducts some sort of takedown, we never literally mean “one piece of malware.”

We’re just using synecdoche, which is the dinner-party way of referring to a figure of speech where you let a part refer to the whole. 748 more words


"Gameover" malware returns from the dead...

In early June 2014, international law enforcement agencies combined to carry out a hugely successful action called Operation Tovar against the cybercrime group behind the malware family known variously as Gameover, Gameover Zeus or GOZ. 910 more words


In their words /// High Treason on 'Takedown'

Championing old school, classic nods in music, High Treason are your must-hear hard rock band if you like your tunes hard, heavy, driven by sharp riffs and raw-powered. 339 more words

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