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An Interesting Conversation

My husband and I arranged for some babysitting for the toddler, then made a date out of getting lunch and going shopping at the thrift store. 266 more words



See these two posts? Daddy sent these to me over the last couple of days.  They struck a chord with me like no other.  I think every “newbie” wife in this lifestyle needs to see this or even better, have it told to her by her Dominant.   203 more words


Awareness Enables Change

My husband is the sort of man that a lot of women fantasize about. He’s extremely intelligent, good looking, witty, understanding, patient, masculine, dominant, etc — many women don’t believe that men like him exist, since it isn’t hard to imagine him as the dashing protagonist in a romance novel. 254 more words



The only time I call my husband ‘Master’ is when I’m quoting this cartoon scene. *Sassy brat forever* :D

Love, love, LOVE Bugs Bunny.


Emotional Reactions

My husband said something that sounded pretty horrible to my ears, so I told him to “fuck off,” then put shoes on the toddler and left the house. 229 more words


My heart hurts

…Thinking about how grateful I am to have God in my life.  Though there are few times that we can manage to be like Him, He is never like us.   465 more words

Mastering the Home

In retrospect, I wish that I had spent my youth preparing myself for marriage and motherhood. Instead, I learned math, science and politics; I studied literature and accounting, art and writing, psychology and sociology. 312 more words