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The Price and why I get away with it

Yesterday I wrote that I had no remorse over being punished, and my husband asked me to explain why. Later, when we were talking about my blog post, he commented that the explanation I wrote might make others think he was insecure about my level of obedience, then explained what it actually was that he wanted me to elaborate on. 441 more words



My husband and I missed another night of lovemaking, and I spent the entire next day wallowing in despair. Every now and then I thought about muscling my way through it and accomplishing something with myself, but the depression was just too much for me. 359 more words


A contemplation of the application of force

A rope may hold her fast, but what holds the rope? Are not the hands which shape the knots better applied to the flesh which yields at his slightest touch? 111 more words


Airing of Grievances

My husband’s career is on the up-and-up, and we’ve been enjoying some nice perks like expensive gifts and big fat raises. On the flip side, transitioning has meant that my husband is putting in longer hours at the office, working some weekends, and generally feeling more tired. 457 more words


The Art of Indirection

About two months ago, after I went to a Relief Society activity (Mormon women), I realized that the wife’s sphere of influence was in indirection. Peace and happiness wasn’t going to be found in the wife controlling others, or through trying to cultivate self-control, but through building up her home environment. 520 more words


The Morning After

The morning after.

I wake up with a smile on my face, feeling that my heart is glowing and radiating my body with our shared love, making me feel beautiful. 265 more words