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I’m learning that there’s an important distinction in regards to submissiveness: you can be submissive without being a submissive.

I suppose that this is the crux as to why BDSM was so miserable for me, while Taken in Hand works so beautifully. 95 more words


Fairy Tales

I’ve never read a single fairy tale where anyone lived “happily ever after” right from the start. That comes at the end. Before that, there are wicked stepmothers to overthrow, dragons to defeat, princesses to rescue. 137 more words


How To Be Angry

For ages I struggled with the question of how to be angry at a dominant husband, while still maintaining my position as a respectful and obedient wife. 528 more words



This morning as I teased my hair with the blow dryer, I looked over at the baby who was lying on the bed, watching me intently. 114 more words


On Modesty

A couple years ago I had an acquaintance who was a semi-nudist, for lack of a better way to put it. He had a way of always bringing up his habits in conversation, and when I said that I personally preferred to be fully clothed around everyone other than my husband, this semi-nudist started babbling about how we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies. 225 more words



I complained that I felt like Sisyphus, who’s punishment was to eternally push a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down again and again. 191 more words