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Take off!

Vodafone, a telecommunications company, wants to help people to do things for the first time. They asked An en Ria from The Netherlands what they would like to do and they both wanted to be on an airplane, because they didn’t fly before. 51 more words


23E & 23F

On a flight the other day, a super tall guy was jammed into the middle seat next to my window assignment. I was surly, as would be expected of one whose limited space is encroached by a hulking intruder. 377 more words


Canada Goose_0588

Canada Goose_0588 http://flic.kr/p/mXaXcF Canada Goose climbing away from the pond being chased. No pigmentation so the bird is an Albino Canada Goose.


Magical Moment Mondays: Liftoff

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a few days off to fly out to California and visit my husband Andy’s family. There were many magical moments on the trip—moments with family members eating, chatting and sipping wine to name a few. 339 more words

Poetry & Readings

So That's What Takeoff Feels Like

Finally, I was inside the blip that I used to wave at during some nights of my childhood.
It was an hour by air from Puerto Princesa to Manila. 660 more words

Jeepney Travelog And Foodtrip

Hitting a moving target: helicopter takeoff and landing training at sea

Coast Guard crewmembers practice landing and take off procedures aboard the Cutter Dauntless, Nov. 11, 2013. Practice makes perfect as every member has a role to play during this very critical evolution. 17 more words


Dublin airport

The scene of so many welcomes. So many farewells.

The scene of so much happiness, laughter and tears.

The excitement of our first holiday away. 362 more words