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The Takers and Sound

Reading some articles in this book recently has made me more thoughtful about the way we perceive sound. I recall watching a TED talk by Evelyn Glennie… 618 more words


The real takers?

This was borrowed from The Daily Kos

Shameful, but I’m sure it helps the Republicans maintain their enviable level of uselessness without offering too many opportunities to demonstrate their stupidity.


So many of us live from a place of entitlement...

So many of us live from a place of entitlement, that somehow someone owes us something (the government, our significant other, the wealthy), or should owe us something. 64 more words

Inner Power

I am B, i AM B, i am B...well that's what the book told me...

I am B

i AM B

 i am B

At least that’s  what Daniel Quinn insinuates at the end of his book:

The Story of B… 672 more words


The Fine Line

It seems there are people who like to give and people who always take. The givers seem to go out of their way to do nice things for others even at the expense of sacrificing their own needs. 345 more words


The Price of Being Yourself

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot on being yourself. More specifically, on being who you were are meant to be, being bold, following your gut and your intuition. 848 more words

Daily Living

Ishmael and the Takers vs. the Leavers

4/28/11 A final essay about one of my favorite stories, Ishmael

Spirituality vs. Organized Religion

In the novel, Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, Daniel Quinn introduces the concept of the Takers and Leavers of the world, with a separate but important stress on the apparency of Mother Culture. 693 more words