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Big shock here in SoCal. Josh Shaw didn’t pull a kid out of the pool. But he did shove USC’s heads under water.

And the Trojans have a new record. 236 more words


Coach 'Em Up Sark

Great, Shaw lied.  Now tell us something we didn’t already know.  Such as what did really happen.

We know Shaw didn’t snap his ankles trying to save some kid, so how did he do it?  206 more words


Fantasy Goober Is Bent

The second news broke that Josh Gordon’s season-long suspension had been upheld, social networking became a contest to see who could be the most bent about it. 245 more words


Azature Founder Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Nice Misdirection, Dan

Dan Snyder’s back in the news, only this time it’s not because he’s defending his team’s racist mascot. It’s because he wants a new stadium. 161 more words


You Can’t Keep A Good Bully Down

Apparently, you can’t keep a good bully down.  Because even in the post-Richie Incognito world, football hazing lives.  And if you like wacky haircuts and atomic sit-ups – then I bet you love the North Carolina Tar Heels. 226 more words


Shaw Hero Tale

Anytime somebody over at USC wants to jump off a Heritage Hall balcony and save this Josh Shaw hero tale would be great… It’s taken just about 48 hours for this end-of-summer feel good story to devolve into Lennay Kekua jokes and police reports. 263 more words