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What it really takes to be an EA: 500 top EAs have their say

What it really takes to be an EA: 500 top EAs have their say

Updated: 16 Sep 2014

They are the invisible glue behind every executive, but what does it really take to be a successful Executive Assistant (EA)? 773 more words

Commercial Production Takes Sting Out of Government Cuts in Aerospace

Women In Aerospace Awards (201010260007HQ)Image by NASA HQ PHOTO
NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, North Carolina State University senior Whitney Lohmeyer, center, and NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver all pose for a photograph at the Women in Aerospace (WIA) awards ceremony and banquet…

UV Blocker Takes A Stand Against Skin Cancer With Revolutionary Umbrella

A revolutionary new product presented by UV Blocker is a valuable weapon in the battle against skin cancer. The UV Umbrella was engineered to block the sun’s harmful UV rays from the skin by using a unique design featuring the patented Solarteck fabric.  127 more words

GONE VIRAL: Weatherman Brings Dog On Air. What Takes Place Has MILLIONS Laughing!

What occurs when a neighborhood Television news station decides to market dog adoption and inform the climate at the identical time? Nicely, I guess you can say it was a lovely disaster and accomplishment all at as soon as! 19 more words

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Bono Reveals Why He In No Way Takes Off His Sunglasses

In a recent interview with BBC1, U2 frontman Bono revealed that he wears his iconic shades because his eyes are particularly sensitive to light. He has a chronic eye condition called glaucoma. 24 more words

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Once Again, SMH FSU

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Jameis Winston is going to start tomorrow night against #5 Notre Dame. And it’s pretty clear that Florida State couldn’t care less about him being involved in a potential autograph scandal. 301 more words


Creepy Old Bigotron

Need a little nightmare fuel for the weekend? Blake Griffin’s got you covered. He contributed a tale to Derek Jeter’s website, and if Russ Wilson admitting he used to bully kids was shocking, hearing that Don Sterling was a lecherous fiend is not even slightly surprising. 279 more words