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On The Prowl...

So, I’m on the prowl, again…

I’m job searching! I have been looking for clerical/office type jobs like working as a receptionist at an upscale car dealership, and a bunch of other stuff. 491 more words

Personal Journey

So far....

….I’ve gone 11 days without alcohol. I was pretty grumpy the first few days. And I feel like I’m eating everything in sight….maybe I should be in that kids’ game “Hungry, Hungry Hippo”…but, I’ve also lost 5 pounds and I’m sleeping better. 221 more words


Giving Up

I have decided that I’m giving up alcohol. Period. I’m going cold turkey and I’m just going to do this. My family is supportive and is doing everything they can to help me. 235 more words


Taking Care of Dad

So, we made it through the first round of radiation for the sarcoma in January, surgery in February, and recovery….well, that’s ongoing. In many ways it was easier to take care of him when he was nearly incapacitated…he’s not an easy man, although he is very generous and I have never doubted his love for me or my family. 481 more words

Anxiety And Depression

The Zen of Sunday

Sundays used to be a dreaded day of the week for me.

For many years I worked Sunday mornings. When I had smaller children at home, Sundays meant gathering up the loose ends of the weekend, and pointing everyone’s compass towards a new week. 167 more words