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Part 2 of....

A Boy and a Shoebox.

Sunday morning, I got up with a cup of coffee to wrap the shoeboxes in paper. The boy and girl were still sleeping. 807 more words


This Season

I believe you are leading me into a new life.

I thought it would happen slowly,
But instead, it’s going at dizzying speed,
And I am grateful. 191 more words

Christian Poetry

Practice of Patience: Observing to Understand

Marla Truini P’09, Director of Drama & Director of Outreach

Since Westover will be celebrating a special Arts Day in March of 2015, I proposed that we choose a themed year focused on the value of the arts, specifically the notion of using the arts to teach empathy. 393 more words


The Day I Went Out in My 'Nightgown'

So I’ve been home from Germany for a few days now to help take care of my grandma. It has been rewarding, contemplative, bittersweet, nostalgic, and fun. 525 more words

Life's...challenges, Jokes, And So Forth

My Saturday

I slept in today. I sleep in everyday, but today it was with the knowledge that I could take things slowly. I had all of Saturday for me, nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to interact with, the day was mine to do what I wanted to, to do what I needed to do, so I started with sleeping. 771 more words

Cdukulele's Life.

Practice makes...

No, not perfect. That’s too cliche so let’s skip it and instead jump to what practice really can do for us.

I have noticed, through personal experience, that as I practice anything, be it cooking, making candles, using a… 618 more words


Day 301: Dispell

Well, some things are predictable. If I stay up late too many nights in a row, I will start to see things devolve. I start getting headaches. 155 more words