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Tick-Tock, Time Ticks. Taking Time for Rewarding Things

If you think this article is about taking time for yourself -grin and bear it- because you’d be wrong. In fact I propose the opposite. Take time for others, because it will be rewarding, and you’ll still find time on your side, though it still ticks. 549 more words


“The art of tea, whichever way you drink it, or whichever country you are from, has one underlining thread for all of us. It is the cultivation of yourself as you follow the ceremony of preparing your tea, the way in which you make your tea, how and where you drink it, and with whom.

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Day 259: Frame

I pulled one of those last, remaining boxes out of the basement today and got it unpacked. The box was filled with framed pictures–I intentionally brought those pictures up here to this house (rather than leaving them in storage with the majority of our stuff) because I thought it would help our new house feel like home. 197 more words

Two, Please!

Lately friends, I’ve realized that there really should be two of me. There’s only so much one of me can do, and I set my bar pretty high most days. 315 more words



My novel is finished. My birthday is finished. This morning my body decided it was finished. It simply crashed. My body didn’t want to do anything I wanted it to do. 420 more words

N is for another look at Nominations

One of the things that we keep hearing about is the problem that Meetings (at all levels) face with nominations. There seem to be more and more jobs to do and fewer and fewer Friends to do them. 666 more words

Faith And Practice

Day 243: Clean

No, not household cleaning. Something far more fun.

I had an amazing day outdoors today. Some friends from Atlanta spent the long weekend in North Carolina climbing in Linville Gorge. 265 more words