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Day 243: Clean

No, not household cleaning. Something far more fun.

I had an amazing day outdoors today. Some friends from Atlanta spent the long weekend in North Carolina climbing in Linville Gorge. 265 more words

Precious words from a daughter

A few hours ago, I was doing an errand with my 24 year old daughter. I forget the specific words she used, but it was something along the lines of, “it was so helpful for me growing up to know you would always take time for me and be willing to talk about anything that I brought up. 204 more words


My garden's summer, in photos.

It was a kind of ‘off’ summer here for us in Germany. Not really a lot of sunshine, plenty of rain, and off and on hot spells followed by chilly days for this time of year. 140 more words


Queen of Cups with Knight of Pentacles


Okay, so what’s with the run of Queens and Knights? Last week was the Queen of Coins¬†with the Knight of Swords. I’m not kvetching here, I’m just saying… 474 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

Day 229: Tour

I took the kids on another Sunday field trip–this time, quite literally to a field, on top of a ridge.

We went to Grayson Highlands Park, just over the line in Virginia, and just a couple of miles away from Mount Rogers. 214 more words

Day 227: Tarry

OK, here we are–it’s the last weekend before classes start, for me and for my kids. I know there are things around my house that need my attention, but I think our time will be better spent between now and Monday morning enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the outdoors. 69 more words

Day 224: Lunch

Back in Atlanta, my campus was over twenty miles away from my home. It made for a long drive in, and a long drive back. It also meant that in a lot of ways, my life on campus and my daily life off campus were two, non-intersecting worlds. 227 more words