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Christmas Wrapping Comes in Cardboard

And if you are connected to the military, especially if you’ve been stationed overseas, you know exactly what I mean when I say that. So here is my tribute to the people behind the mailed gifts, those precious boxes that we call Care Packages. 189 more words


Day 351: Procrastinate

Yup, I’m putting off for tomorrow what I could be doing today. But let me explain.

I’m single parenting again. My wife went down to her mother’s house a few days ago, and I will be following shortly with the kids. 179 more words

Taking time to breathe

I won’t tell you something new if I say that the weeks leading up to Christmas are most probably the most stressful weeks of the year. 426 more words

Life Talk

Day 343: Solo

First, I have to acknowledge the amount of privilege that goes with tonight’s post:

  • The privilege of living where I live
  • The privilege of having an income that affords meĀ  the opportunity for recreation…
  • 326 more words

Facing forward

One step at a time, cleaning up and getting prepared for tomorrow.

There is much to do. To leave the business of death, and move forward into life, living, loving, jobs, and those who care for me. 83 more words


The Last Christmas

I had an unusual question pop into my head today. It’s not something I think about too much and I tend not to be morbid, but I thought I’d pose this question anyway: if you knew this was the last Christmas you’d spend with someone, what gift would you buy him or her? 119 more words

Update Two

Just a really quick post. Sometimes schoolwork gets in the way of…everything.

I will have a blog post concerning a few recent events, and it will hopefully be a video format this time. 181 more words